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Read this recital to acceleration retort the aftercited questions :|AnnReport#production
Assume Andrews is paying a dividend of $1.38 (per divide). If this dividend stayed the similar, but the stock expense rose by 10% what would be the dividend succumb?
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Assume Digby Corp. is downsizing the extent of their workforce by 10% (to the nearest special) proximate year from diverse strategic initiatives. Digby is planning to persuade debouchure interviews to attain further environing how they can reform in processes and growth propertyivity. The debouchure interviews are estimated to require $100 per employee in subjoined to ordinary disengagement requires of $5000. How abundantly accomplish the union pay in disengagement requires if these debouchure interviews are implemented proximate year?
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Your Competitive Intelligence team recitals that a wave of property amenability lawsuits is likely to suit Chester to haul the property Cure truly off the market this year. Feign Chester scraps all parts and catalogue this entire, perfectly writing off those propertys and escrowing the proceeds to a colony stock, and feign these lawsuits accomplish keep no property on any other propertys of Chester or other companies. Without Chester's property Cure how abundantly can the activity popularly effect in the Core part? Consider solely propertys primarily in the Core part decisive year. Ignore popular inventories. Figures in thousands (000).
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In the month of March the Chester Corporation current and delivered indication of 201,000 units at a expense of $15.00 for pay of $3.015mil for their property Clack. Chester uses the accrual arrangement of accounting and offers 30 day security provisions. By the end of May Chester had unmoved payments of $3.015mil for the March deliveries. How abundantly of the unmoved $3.015mil should Chester likeness on the March 31st pay announcement and how abundantly on the May 31st pay announcement?
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$0.995mil in March;
$2.020mil in May

$1.508mil in March;
$1.508mil in May

$0 in March;
$3.015mil in May

$3.015mil in March;
$0 in May