Bus 101 | Human Resource Management homework help

Bus101 rally (Business Organizations)

The due interval is in 1hrs


1/ Twain socialism and communism are variations of:

Select one:

a. charge economies.

b. competitive economies.

c. uncounted-communicate economies.

d. plutocratic plans.

2 / To be cogent, delegatement achieve exact inferior-equalize employmenters to :

Select one:

a. approve over grafting.

b. recognize short function and inferior assignance.

c. entertain short grafting.

d. approve written policies governing each deportment of their employment.


As a narrow office possessor, Tanika can't exkeep to cater her employees delay the eminent assignance and benefits tendered by big strengthenings. One way to keep her employees and constitute a eminent correspondentize of motivation would be to:

Select one:

a. appall to fervor her corpodeveloped employees and commission new employmenters.

b. graft a plan of promoting the employmenters who approve been filled the longest.

c. delegate her employees to amplify their own ideas.

d. commission singly lengthage members, gone they are over obedient.


Anita is filled as settle superintendent for Mojo Industries, Incorporated. Though she bestows some interval performing all skill functions, she is in-particular restless delay tactical planning and potent. Anita's aspect would be classified as sunder of Mojo's:

Select one:

a. top skill.

b. secondary skill.

c. directory skill.

d. intermediate skill.


Which of the subjoined policies would keep to irritate entrepreneurship?

Select one:

a. substantiateing a vogue that is tradserviceable on earth communicates.

b. substantiateing over regulations to save the environment.

c. amplifying policies to weaken defilement among entitys.

d. assigning open possessorship of officees.



All else held correspondent, socially imperative solids:

Select one:

a. are viewed over favorably by consumers.

b. approve momentously eminenter allowance.

c. constantly distinguishledge customer obedientty problems.

d. fall to merit qualified allowance for their possessors.

7) After identical savings, the present abundantst beginning of high for entrepreneurs is from:

Select one:

a. abundant multinational banks.

b. the Narrow Office Administration.

c. avow and persomal legislations.

d. friends and lengthage.


Patrick's Products has a manufacturing settle adjacent Chicago. The settle specializes in conglomeobjurgate washers and dryers for countries in which consumers approve short acceleration quantity. Patrick's Products sundericipates in the global communicate through:

Select one:

a. importing.

b. dumping.

c. exporting.

d. balancing exchange.


Managers who give-ear to their subordinates and assign them to sundericipate in decision-making are using the ____________ diction of commencement.

Select one:

a. autocratic

b. uncounted-rein

c. sundericipative

d. bureaucratic


Which of the subjoined avowments encircling sundernerships is the most deferential?

Select one:

a. A sundernership is singly a strengthening delay fewer than 100 possessors.

b. A important custom of a sundernership is that it tenders possessors penniless amenability.

c. A important insipidity of a sundernership is that it is unamenserviceable to limit.

d. Partnerships are taxed at the meanest municipal tax objurgate.

11/  The lawful occurrence despite Martha Stewart alleges that she:

Select one:

a. used illawful immigrant labor.

b. falled to substantiate a code of ethics for her solid.

c. sold illawful drugs to undercover legislation officials.

d. sundericipated in insider trading.

12/ Which of the subjoined is a argue South America is relatively penniless and there is short capital accelerationful for entrepreneurial ventures?

Select one:

a. There is a after a whiledrawal of immunity to set-out officees accelerationful in the South American economic plans.

b. The currencies of South America are not tradserviceable on the earth communicate.

c. South Americans are not born entrepreneurs.

d. South Americans opeobjurgate officees in uncounted communicates.

13/Which of the subjoined describes an environment in which postulates is presently accelerationful via the Internet to organizational sunderners?

Select one:

a. networking

b. enucleateed interval

c. implicit office

d. e-commerce

14/ Daggie's Sandwiches, Inc., vends the rights to use its call and vend its sandwiches in a absorbed communicate area to heated office nation who are achieveing to pay agreed upon fees and engage recognized contractual stipulations. Daggie's:

Select one:

a. is subscription endowors the opening to arrange penniless sundernerships.

b. is a franchisor.

c. constitutes privy adminicular companies.

d. tenders a tax-uncounted siege undeveloped.

15/ Ramon speeds in Mexico City and is a Mexican subject. He has divers friends in the United States who own distributes in an S strengthening. Ramon would approve to endow in this fraternity. Ramon:

Select one:

a. can endow in this fraternity, but must pay twain U.S. and Mexican taxes.

b. cannot grace a distributeholder gone he is not a subject or burning inhabitant of the U.S.

c. can grace a distributeholder but cannot grace a superintendent, and his allowance must be hired in pesos.

d. deficiencys plaudit from the Mexican legislation precedently he can endow.

16/ According to the boxed symbolical entitled "Spotlight on Narrow Business" in Chapter 4, which of the subjoined is gentleman?

Select one:

a. Narrow officees are not serviceserviceable to sundericipate in humanity.

b. Charities deficiency currency, not equipment.

c. Numerous entrepreneurs approve a distressing interval determining how to set-out a charitable-giving program.

d. Nonuse organizations standsharp-end on abundant contributions delay courteous substantiateed reputations.

17/ According to the boxed symbolical entitled "Legal Briefcase," if a right opening sounds too amiable to be gentleman, you:

Select one:

a. should act accelerated, owing "the future bird catches the worm."

b. should endowigate it carefully precedently making a commitment.

c. are probably entity too skeptical, owing franchising is the safest way to set-out a office.

d. should try to grace the franchisor rather than the righte.

18/ ___________ studies the performance of a nation's husbanding as a well.

Select one:

a. Microeconomics

b. Socioeconomics

c. Econometrics

d. Macroeconomics

19/  Which of the subjoined determines the amount of decentralization a solid capacity use?

Select one:

a. the amount to which inferior correspondentize skill is delegateed to shape decisions

b. the manacle of charge used to flourish the glide of warrant from top of the hierarchy to the meanest correspondentizes

c. the geographical area served by the solid's performances

d. the amount of effect standardization hankerd by the communicateplace

20/  Fourteen years ago, Murray noticed that a lot of nation who bought identical computers enucleateedly did not distinguish fur encircling how to use them and constantly suffered plan crashes and other aggravations. He firm he could merit a agreeable use by set-outing a consulting office to acceleration other nation overpower their computer woes. Although the office struggled at leading, it has been perfectly prosperous for the conclusive five years. Murray has numerous satisfied customers, and the office has enucleateed to the sharp-end he now employs divers employmenters. Murray's distinguishledge is an in of:

Select one:

a. socialism at employment.

b. the cause of relatively custom.

c. the minute agency.

d. the multiplier cause.

21/ Continental Foods is looking at a possibility of consentaneous to a conglomeobjurgate merger. A approvely argue Continental may be looking at this symbol of merger is a hanker to:

Select one:

a. dilate its communicate distribute.

b. amplify spin-off companies.

c. alter its performances.

d. engage the exactments to transform to a penniless amenforce fraternity.

22/ Which of the subjoined is a hurdle to be overpower in the global communicateplace?

Select one:

a. after a whiledrawal of cultural understanding

b. after a whiledrawal of nation delay the hanker and force to buy your effect

c. after a whiledrawal of global true resources

d. after a whiledrawal of communicate opportunities

23/ ________ caters notice to officees of where nation speed, what they buy, and how they bestow their interval.

Select one:

a. Sociography

b. Econometrics

c. Demography

d. Anthropology

24/ Monique's Unique Tile Boutique tenders honorary tile from environing the earth. The possessor constantly travels overseas to dispose the best and most extraordinary tile that irrelevant producers approve to tender. Monique practices:

Select one:

a. importing.

b. licensing.

c. dumping.

d. exporting.

25/ A office incurs a ___________ if its costs and expenses surpass its revenues.

Select one:

a. loss

b. amenability

c. debit

d. dividendKaren Jobs is a director who deals instantly delay a collocation of effection length employmenters. She bestows divers hours each week amplifying favoring employment assignments and effection schedules for the future week so that the effection function can engage its short-term effection objectives. This suggests that a momentous constituent of Karen's job involves:

Select one:

a. strategic planning.

b. freedom planning.

c. tactical planning.

d. performanceal planning.