History of Arts Notes

WEEK 1 PREHISTORIC Hybrid aspect, mammoth ivory, ca. 40,000-28,000 BCE - To execute: rend dry mammoth tusk, scarpe into model (using shrewd blad) - half ethnical, half fleshly= ethnical healed as fleshly for hunting end Bear, Chauvet Cave, ca. 30,000-28,000 BCE - is-sueman sketchings, is-sueman silhouettes sketch fleshlys - took usage of embankments - eg. bump fabricates endure's shoulder - disexpert in 1994 So-denominated “Venus of Willendorf,” limestone, ca. 28,000-25,000 BCE - no trueism- gist fertility emphasizing reproductive features= fertility manner Spotted horses and ethnical is-suemans, Pech-Merle Cave, ca. 16,000-15,000 BCE - shamanism- opinion in intelligence earth adited through choice states of impression - is-sueman dots- can test how numerous proficients sketched in one cave - saliva, steep, class- MIXED- applied delay graze, finger, moss, chewed adhere, palm Rhinoceros, injured man, and bison, Lascaux Cave, ca. 15,000-13,000 BCE - apprehension of susceptibility – tender, no susceptibility – susceptibilityful Dimidiation of the bulls, Lascaux Cave, ca. 5,000-10,000 BCE - ethnical never feedd in Lascaux cave (no manners, debris ; instead; endure bones, torches) - not optical affectnesss; instead; COMPOSITE- numerous elements of fleshly Stonehenge, ca. 2,100 BCE, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, Engplant - conspicuous cessation of time/seasons - megalith(stone deviseing prehistoric memento) in divergences= CROMLECHS - primal structure= column and lintel Babylonian feat of sale, carcass delay cuneidevise answerableness, ca. 1,750 BCE - pursuely pictogram pressed in course of wedge-shaped symbols= CUNEIFORM - used for dministrative accounts ; poetry - myth of answerableness WEEK 2 SUMERIA;EGYPT Debris of the “White Temple” on its ziggurat, ca. 3500-3000 BCE Uruk, Iraq - Tripartite layout - from 3sides- can see scenic rise of parson ; leaders - stairs- opposed clockwise encirembrace mound= separate admission= Mesopotamian meeting-branch archietecture Cylinder consecure of parson-tyrant alimentation hrecognized sheep, ca. 3300 - cylindrical made of stone delay recess present through centre - intent wrong into demeanor of confirm- when pressed in flexible carcass= inversion affectness unfold Statues from Abu Temple, Tell Asmar, ca. 2700-2500BCE - perchance worshipers - exaggerated eyes- responding to God’s awe, warding off misfortune Aid Panel of Hesy-ra, ca. 2660 BC - copeen stele nonnaturalistic - 3000 years of corresponding regularity of professioning subsample - corresponding compobirth invented way of professionin g subsample - SHOWS that it was abundant further ocean to thrive legend - instead of realism, top is not that they cannot execute trueistic art - this assemblage was selected on end Imhotep, Plod Pyramid and Necropolis of Tyrant Djoser, ca. 681-2662 BCE - made for Tyrant Djoser-ruled 2630-2611- tyrant [email protected] was NECROPOLIS-cemetery -encirembrace undiminished close is athwart stone embankment elongateign poise mile in tediousness and 33ft noble -DOMINANT FEATURE= STEPPED PYRAMID-oriented to consummate tops of effect - zygarat- dignify meeting-branch in mesopotamia- this is not a meeting-branch but a pointedive - this is simply affectness of palace meant for persistence - there was a sketchation of tyrant in nature - believed that affection could feed in a staute of tyrant - sketchation enclosed in a opportuniformity in nature delay wriggleows and berebewilder out peace of close so tyrant could feed eternily - mementoal archeitecture Royal Standard of Ur, ca. 2600 BCE - bottom= charioteers pulled bu oagers. Riding poise enemies - middle= prisoners stripped of garb ; armor are escorted - top= prisoners brought to convenient aspect- mind is off canvas - carouse= top= seated for carouse, cups outrageous-minded to hush played by harp - PANELS sketch Kingship Prince Rahotep and Nofret, 2580 BCE - wrong from limeston- flexibleer than diorite- sketched bark tones, hair, accoutrement, jewelry - rahotep is comp administrative and company is relying of tyrant- consecratedized gesture in disinterested frontality - staunch frontality method for magnificent and upper ten askew-arts Pyramids of Menkaure, 2533-2515 BCE, Kafra, 2570-2544 BCE, and Khufu, 2601-2528 BCE, Giza pyramid simply a bisect of necropolis- city of insensible - Tyrant djoser had a mudbrick palace made of cope, mud brick, reeds - has archeitect which hint how ocean instituteling is - stones cut precicly so that they can mat contemporaneously and fabricate equalize demeanor - pyramid 440ft lofty- 45 stories Menkaure and Queen Khamerernebty II, 2515 BCE - wrong in one portion delay an conscientious subordinate slab, staunch frontality - approximately niggardly exaltation, left foot self-assertive Tyrant is further lusty and half unadorned and queen draped in long garb hemmed at ankles= equalize demeanors and noble polishsubstantiate manner of uniformity - man twain contest down and mother contest encirembrace man- relying Seated Scribe, ca 2400 BCE, limestone -frontal, deviseal in legendal bewilders - in precedent society- fat and marks of age could be symbols of honour- test - ssanction cheeks, sagging jaw, inexact stomach= garnerive status: exceed in method, eats pursueeous, relies on subordinates to do corporeal is-sue on his advantage Mind of an Akkadian executive, ca. 2250-2200 BCE naram-sin (sargan’s superbson) – secure Akkadian empires - explited art to ruminate and substantiate susceptibility= devisenigh hair and endured= brawny symmetry= contrl and reguslow - hurt done perchance by Medes- who invaded Nineveh= gaughe eyes, ears and nose hacked= as if indeed attactyrant separate Excellent Ziggurat of Tyrant Urnammu, Ur, ca. 2100 BCE - Mud bricks: carcass qualified delay vegetable and straw to nullify carcass cractyrant when dry - mud compound put into wodden compels- knocked out and subordinateed underneath sun - concomitant embankment delay wet carcass - not firm so confirmed delay BITUMEN buttresses= ringing embankments= collision of force, methods= add dynamic activity, 100 plods Stele delay the Law Code of Hammurabi, ca. 1760 BCE - TOP- hammurabi answers in aid- be delay arm outrageous-minded in boldness anteriorly the enthroned sun-god Shamash- god's shoulders proceed sun rays- god extends is-sueman, tenure rope ring and the measuring rod of tyrantship= THIS GESTURE unifies spectacle's mixture and end of the two requibirth characters - narrower lamina of Hammurabi compared to seated god= "shepherd" rather than god himself Fevirile figurine, 12th-13th dynasties (ca. 1650 BCE), faience - manner located in catacombs concurrently delay insensible - from catacomb in Thebes, sketchs a schematized mother- legs bung at knees, peacerict her mobility/ or legs perchance not necessary to her employment - sketched cowrie-shell enclose to emphasize belly and hips, sketch breats and pubic area= employment may accept been as fertility manners, improve source uninterruptedness - blue-green tinge of faience associated delay fertility, regeneration and goddess hathor Meeting-branch of Hatshepsut, ca. 478-1458 BCE - New Kingdom funerary meeting-house= Hatshepsut- motherish tyrant - completeing pyramid- mastaba and terraces extending into rulerhanker aspect - originateing stainnigh limestone pursues, linked by ample ramps on a convenient axis - trees methodd penetration way and paired sphinxes aspectd each other Queen Hatshepsut kneeling, ca. 1473-1458 BCE - Hatshepsut kneeling as she executes subscription - owing tyrantship is virile function, she channels regalia of a virile tyrant(kilt, spurious endured and nemes minddress(striped cloth barren by tyrants)) Akhenaten and his source, 1355 BCE - akhenaten delay source- company Nefertiti and 3 oldest daughters – sun salutiferous beams shimmer downward delay is-suemans at their terminals- reed columns hint spectacle is delayin oasis habitation swarmed delay wine jars - tyrant and company sit confrontment each othe on stools- rebewilder daughters, on laps, in contest, uniting mixture delay vivacious gestures- opposition to STATIC condition of spectacles of other times - gist on daughters’ motherishness marks change Akhenaten, 1353-1335 BCE - split dramatically hanker-established assemblages for sketching magnificent subjects- incongruous aidortions- limited shoulders, lactyrant musculature, conspicuous potbelly, ample hips, disinterested thighs, comprehensive lips, ocean nose, chin, limited eyes execute aspect recognizable. Queen Tiy, 1352 BCE Akhenaten’s mother- used ebon cope of yes tree delay estimable metls and semiestimable stones for elements - downturned cavity and modeled methods present from planes of nose to cavity= advancing years - initially queen wore gold jewlry and silver mindgarb uniformd delay prosperous cobras= fulfill her delay funerary goddesses Isis and Nepthys - wig abstruse delay glass beads topped delay plumed complete Queen Nefertiti, 1348-1335 BCE - Nefertiti’s bust- plastered poise limestone centre and sketched - left eye not inished- bust remained unfinished but gracefulness quiescent derives from sculptor’s reguslow of geodesy The view of the nucleus and sagacity of Osiris The Book of the Insensible of Hunefer, 1285 BCE books of insensible - instructions on how to flee the excellent beast and execute it through afte ractivity - needed to go display and moment their nucleus delay ostvivid palm- if free from sin- nucleus should be whitisher than ostvivid palm Meeting-branch of Ramses II, Abu Simbel, ca. 1279-1213 BCE Ramesses commissioned most architectural projects- including mementoal meeting-branch - tyrant conspicuous his assertion to the artificet of Kush in Inferior Nubia(spring of old, viroy and enimal pelts) - betwixt sketchations’ legs- narrow aspects sketch portion of magnificent source. INTERIOR- vast aspects of Ramesses- 32ft Fugitives tranexception a comprehensive stream, ca. 883-859 BCE - embankments expert delay comprehensive lamina stone aids - fact affectnesss- sketched in locates for gist- glorified tyrant delay inferential sketchions - archer and two women berebewilder on delay is-suemans outrageous-minded NO RELATIVE SCALE, elementary end of spectacles to desubordinate inequitable foe conquests Gate of Citadel of Sargon II, delay lamassu, 742-706 BCE (photo charmed during gulf) - lamassu- excellent guaridian aspects - susceptibilityful and dreadful deities to anyone who susceptibility invade - emsubsample tyrant's timid antecedent- lofty horned minddresses, obscure-set eyes, susceptibilityful lustyity of legs and bodies Reconstruction of Citadel of Sargon II, Dur Sharrukin, ca. 21-705 BCE - Sargon II had artifice for city of Dur Sharrukin where he had magnificent stay - unexcavated but consider to cpoise a free mile - enclosed delayin an august mud-brick embankment - 30 pursue yards- 200 opportunitys Oddity hunt, ca. 645 BCE - tyrant slaughter oddity - way of demonstrating susceptibility poise beast - EGYPT- magnificent oddity hunts were events that took locate in palace reasons - roal disciples released fleshlys from cages into a free deviseed by host delay pats - consecrated symbolic professioncasing tyrant's force and serving as similitude for soldieraffect skills Palette of Tyrant Narner, ca. 310-3125 BCE - TOP CENTER: hieroglyphs incantation out narmer's spectry - BESIDE hieroglyphs= cow minds sketch sky goddess - LEFT= Tyrant Narmer reposes foe by hair and raises mace- symbol of tyrantship - KING- channels stainnigh complete of Upper Egypt and hem of kilt hangs subordinate of bull- symbole of susceptibility tyrants channel as bisect of scenic garb-larger lamina substantiate antecedent - BOTTOM-foe stripped of garb- humiliateion - BEHIND tyrant disciple carries tyrant's sandals RIGHT of Narmer answers falcon tenure rope - OTHER SIDE- tyrant channels red complete of LOWER egypt- by sandal consigner and hanker-hared aspect= FOLOWS FOUR race tenure colossus to answer-into bodies of prisoners delay their minds betwixt their legs - CENTRAL register= 2 fleshlys roped by virile aspect- contort hanker necks to compel a divergence in mixture - courteous-proportioned, poised= ma'at - LOWER- bull rep. tyrant invasion city and tramples down foe - COMMUNICATE BY!!!! ombine separate diff types of symbols on one manner - some positive sketchations and symbolic sketchations- bull=force - MESSAGE: tyrant esthetic unified UPPER and LOWER EGYPT- though ethnical, he amenable salutiferous function professionn by locatement of spectry in sky WEEK 3 GREEK Amphora delay wriggle model and funeral, ca. 750 BCE - vase from cemetery- ununsociable as Dipylon Vase- one of a cluster of comprehensive vessels Athenians used as funerary markers poise burials- recesss in its vile recognized mourners to implant soft subscriptions during funerary consecrateds- ashes of insensible ensueing a whilein vases located Black-figured amphora Exekias, Achilles and Ajax Unconditional Dice, ca. 540-530 BCE - ebon-figured technique- sketched intent in ebon silhouette across reddish carcass- incised elements into intent delay needls, sketched stainnigh and purple poise ebon to execute selected areas endure out - Athenian amphora- symboled by Exekias- twain potter and sketcher- sketching professions Homeric heroes Achilles and Ajax unconditional dice- result not insist in current erudite sources- two aspects barren on their spears; pats stacked ensueing them - ebon silhouettes fabricate rhythmical mixture, courteous-proportioned encirembrace table in nature Kouros, ca. 540-525 BCE (instrument youngster) - virile- long, broad-shouldered, left leg self-assertive, contest by plane, clenched fists, shoulders, hips and knees are equalize Kore, ca. 530 BCE (wearing a peplos) (instrument maiden) - motherish- -BOTH HAVE stylized wig-affect hair, profession techniques and aidortional regularitys used by Egyptian sculptors- staunch, frontal, disgusting intrusting planes, no subordinateslab, (GREEK: boundlessness betwixt devises, unconcealed nakedness sportive for viriles/not motherishs. EGYPT: aspects embedded in stone. secure nakedness on slaves) Red-figured amphora: Euthymides, Dancing revelers, ca. 510-500 BCE - ebon-fig. imit proficient to incision for element- free red-figured tech- scence not relying on profiles- freedom delay graze translates into freedom of change-of-locate in dancing- locate of bewilders, contorting bodies, age of intensive and starched experimentation Red-figured kylix (wine cup) Douris sketcher, Eos and Memnon, ca. 490-480 BCE - Eos, goddess of dawn elevates rest subsample of her insensible son, Memnon whom Achilles killed- Douris(maker)- traces contours of limbs underneath investment and poises nervous outlines delay further excellent strokes- insensible moment of memnon’s subsample contrats delay elevate of Eos’ wings Kritios Boy’, ca. 480 BCE (marble) – contrapposto - moment shifted creating asymmetry in two planes of his substance. Knee of self-assertive leg is inferior than the other, fair hip is unidevise down and in, left hip up and out, axis of subsample not rectilinigh perpendicular method, inversiond S-incurvation - endures at ease- CHIASTIC POSE (balanced asymmetry of relaxed true sample) - muscles hint turmoil Meeting-branch of Hera II at Paestum, ca. 460 BCE structure made of DORIC reguslow primal cardinal, no vile, columns sit directl on plod platdevise - columns berebewilder mighty, shabby boundlessness betwixt them - archeitects worried encirembrace opportunitys onflow down Zeus or Poseidon, ca. 460-450 BCE, bronze - unadorned bronze from sea nigh Greek coast- 7ft lofty- sketchs spread-eagled virile aspect in act of throwing- Zeus casting thunderbolt or Poseidon throwing his trident. -sculptor catures and oppositions nervous renewal and secure stability- pointed god’s awe-inspiring susceptibility. Shows proficient’s underneathendure of bodies in turmoil and as-courteous recognition of force of bronze= sanction god’s contest to elongate out delayout assistance. Warrior, ca. 450 BCE, plant in the sea off of Riace, Italy - poise-life-size aspect plant in sea nigh Riace- used lost-wax technique- not fitting stinging afar stone- proficient institute carcass model- where marble assume whitish, bronze demeanor ruminate= scrutinize demeanor texture for hair and bark Roman delineation ensueing a bronze springal by Myron, Diskobolos, ca. 50 BCE - bronze, Myron epigrammatic a achievemention of change-of-places into sole bewilder, achieved through outrageous contort of torso that brings the contest into corresponding locate as legs -Pose conveys entity of renewal by presenting incurvationd aspect in impeccable poise Iktinos and Kallikrates, Parthenon, 447-432 BCE - structure made when athens was at war- fabricated by coin in soldierlike- dominant meeting-branch on Akropolis- Perikles conceived it to play focal role in cult of Athena- earliest nature of cult exercitation remained on Erechtheion(north f Parthenon)- built of shining stainnigh marble- Architects Iktinor and Kallikrates - OCTASTYLE(eight-column ordainment)- rectilineal sculpted assume runs encirembrace all planes in discrepancy of Ionic name- sketchs caravan tender from west-east- horsemen incommode delay hushians,steep consigners, sacrificial beasts- aspects poiselap to fabricate mockery of swarm- encirembrace colonnade gave collision that visitor can admission meeting-branch from all planes. - answers nigh mighty than TEMPLE OF HERA II at PAESTUM= columns further fragile, cardinals narrower and nigh flaring-projection projects nigh. East freize of the Parthenon, ca. 440 BCE bisect of carousal held to reverence Athena- exalts ephemeral Greeks by deicting them in boundlessness unsociable for salutiferous and mythical spectacles. - cloth is a new unidevise for Athena(woven by Athenian girls and sketching Athen’as conquest across giants in gigantomachy) Model of Pheidias, Athena Parthenos, ca. 438 BCE - elephantine sketchation of Athena by sculptor PHEIDIAS- ordainly delay one is-sueman assistanceing a separateification of Victory, and pat peaceing across her plane. Aspect out of ivory and gold(combo ununsociable as CHRYSTELEPHANTINE)- assistanceed by copeen armature- estimable Three goddesses, from the east pediment of the Parthenon, ca. 38-432 BCE - Hestia, Dione and Aphrodite (recent, Leto, Artemis, Aphrodite)- pediment aspects embedded in structure- devises are brawny and cubic- masterportion of swirling investment, accoutrement embrace to bodies underneath as if wet- investment not thrive methods of substance- there is contorting encirembrace legs(agony delay them) Meeting-branch of Athena Nike, 427-424 BCE, Akropolis, Athens (ionic regulate) - has a bas- longner columns- loftyer- fluting on columns is affect womens unidevise or skirt- vile is affect shoes- further feminin and elegant- wee meeting-branch of athena nike- godess of knowledge and war- nike= Victoria Akropolis, Athens, 421-405 BCE - absorbed to goddess Athena Erechtheion, 421-405 BCE, Akropolis, Athens - Mnesikles’ project-architext had to negotiate delay opposed terrain- built to forward separate consecrated employments- middle disgusting opportunitys and vilement on western plane- two porches fixed to its flanks- one absorbed to Poseidon aspect north and is ocean penetration- narrower one juts out delayin Parthenon Erechtheion, Porch of the Maidens 421-405 BCE, Akropolis, Athens - 6 caryatids of columns assispecimen roof- sketch women of Caryae (city-state in Peloponnese that deviseed union delay Persians in Persian wars)- when war poise, Greeks took women as slaves- architects THUS intented affectnesss of these women to endure the package of their state’s disreverence in persistence Nike, from the balustrade of the Meeting-branch of Athena Nike, ca. 10-407 BCE - Nike tatyrant off sandles-encirembrace to plod on consecrated reason-wings observe her firm so she performs maladroit act delay gracefulness and ease- Pheidian name indisputable in obscurely cut folds of her “wet behold” accoutrement embraceing to her subsample and lapse in obscure swags betwixt her legs. Expressive stele of Hegeso, ca. 410-400 BCE - Pheidian name recognizable in investment and as-courteous in equalize artificees of aspects- sel of statuary free in devises fathest afar from viewer- servant’s left arm, conceal ensueing Hegeso’s fair hsoulder= aid merges delay subordinatereason forceening mockery that subordinatereason is emptiness boundlessness rather than cubic demeanor. Roman delineation ensueing an springal by Praxiteles, Aphrodite of Knidos springal from ca. 340-330 BCE - earliest unadorned mementoal sketchation of godess in Greek earth- encirembrace to bathe, or rising from bath- fair is-sueman, she secretes nakedness in gesture of humility, acquisitive for unidevise delay her left- mind slightly turned so does not vouch viewer’s contempslow quickly Roman delineation ensueing an springal by Praxiteles, Hermes and the infant Dionysius springal from ca. 320-310 BCE - Hermes tenure infant Dionysos- sandals=roman in name- chiastic bewilder is exaggerated and fabricates fuly relaxed incurvation of torso- youngsterful further than athletic WEEK 4 ROMAN & ITALY Ara Pacis Augustae, 13-9 BCE - Democratic exercitation of commissioning fact aids to annals inequitable events- aids mounted on unconcealed structures and mementos(ara pacias augustae) Royal caravan, Ara Pacis Augustae, 13-9 BCE below: Parthenon assume, ca. 440 BCE - inclusion of women and narrow children= indicate impressiveness of dynasty as pursueeous as referring to chimerical comp Augustus independent to excite child-birth unde- the upper ten. Roman copies of a Greek springal by Lysippos, Portrait of Alexander the Great, springal slow 4th C. BCE - to accept chimericalized condition- artificees are equalize in-particular encirembrace brow and speciality answer in refractory hair, outrageous-minded at fron (cowlick) and contort of mind- does not vouch delay a viewer- has far contempslow The Abduction of Persephone, embankment sketching in Catacomb 1, Vergina, ca. 340-330 BCE - from narrow catacomb at Vergina- subject=abduction of Persephone- mismisappropriate to funeral setting-Pluto-carries afar Persephone to be queen-pluto seizes Persephone into speeding chariot-her is-suemanmaiden rearing subordinate in ffair The Encounter of Alexander and the Persians mosaic delineation of ca. 00 BCE of a Hellenistic sketching of ca. 315 BCE - roman copies of Greek embankment sketching- may be delineation of Philoxenos’ sketching- sketchs Darius and the escape Persians on fair and hurtd left-workman portiong sketch aspect of Alexander- mosaic- thrives disgusting—tinge intrigue(yellow,red,black,white)- amplely used in slow 4th generation Portrait, denominated “Brutus,” ca. 300 BCE rome- free upon greek name-devise art that became approved in this period= REALISTIC PORTRAIT lips long, lips one poise the other, poisebite= niggardly apprehension of greek gist on separate = perchance a democratic chimerical, professioning elf as god, flaws, hint conclusive sample Epigonos of Pergamon (? ), Dying Gaul trumpeter, perchance a Roman delineation of a bronze springal of ca. 230-220 BCE - plant in Inviolability of Athena on Akropolis of Pergamon- sculptor identifies foe as Gaul through his bushy hair and moustache and by torque encirembrace his neck(braided gold ligature)- dies sintyrant quietly to reason/struggling to aid imself up as class implants from mortify in chest. Drunken old mother and traffic mother, Roman copies of springals of ca. 00 BCE - sketch unidealized and realistic unamazed activity- genre=Hellenistic realism- Roman- crouches on reason, clasping wine bottle, mind flung far subordinate-wrinkles cpoise aspect, bark on her laagered shoulder and chest sags delay age- channels buckled tunic= fulfill as portion of monied garnerive class- (other askew-arts of this husk nucleus on artless activity on faulty) Nike of Samothrace, ca. 190 BCE - extols naval victories-nike-instrument conquest- of Eudamos- Rhodian marble of askew-art’s vile hint askew-art comes from Rhodes. Victory goddess seems to be artificeting on prow of ship as if to present complete of conquest upon Eudamos- perchance encirembrace to obtain?} evasion, mighty wings tower out ensueing her, wings execute sketchation answer momentnigh resisting heap of stone- neither leg reposes the substance’s disinterested moment. Excellent Altar of Zeus at Pergamon, ca. 166-156 BCE - Eumenes II or Attalos II built it to keep territorial victories poise Pontos and Bithynia and substantiatement of a superb conquest carousal(Nikephoria). Altar ordainly noble on a podium delay comprehensive athwart encloser defined by Ionic colonnade. ample staircase at fron granted adit. Orderly on Pergamene Akropolis- reconstructed in Berlin-assume endivergence vile-extends 400ft in tediousness and 7ft in exaltation-subject is encounter of Gods and Giants Athena and the giants, from the assume of the Excellent Altar of Zeus at Pergamon, ca. 166-156 BCE - lusty bodies course at each other, poiselapping, entwining, wings vanquish and barments disappointment in wriggle or contort encirembrace those they uniform, texture oppositions delay equalizeness of giants’ flesh. -giants’ eturmoil – trouble in anxiety of defeat- brows creased in pain Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia, Praeneste, future 1st C. BCE -in italy- made to extol soldieraffect conquest of sola- dictatorial nature where parsons interpreted salutiferous will- architec used embodied to for structures poise undiminished demeanor of hillplane and to guile boundlessnesss- inviolability originate in 7 equalizes- BOTTOM=basilica&senate branch- UPPOER TERRACE=rose in superb crescendo-4TH=colonnaded exedrae compeld altars Embankment sketchings from the villa of Publius Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale, mid 1st. Century BCE - promote name- employed architectural vistas to unconcealed embankment into a fantasy country hint another earth further opportuniformity Portrait of a man, future 1st generation BCE - wrinkles cpoise aspect, etching obscure crags into cheeks and brows- sketched distinguishing marks=warts,hooked nose, indistinctive hairmethod Meeting-branch of Portunus, Rome, ca. 80-70 BCE - hypothecate Greek devises- in Italic name- endures on podium and vouchd slowral columns emphasize frontal admission- Ionic coluns accept fragile aidortions of Classical Greek meeting-houses Scenes of Dionysiac secrecy cult, Villa of the Mysteries, Pompei, ca. 0-50 BCE - 1st of MAU’S FOUR STYLES OF PAINTING-(4 names of roman embankment sketching=: used sketch and stucco to counterfeit costly tingeed marble paneling- inferior bisect of embankmenta(the dado) and upper exception aloft the projection equalize are sketched in vivid dotted tinges to resemble outlandish stone Wall sketching of a oasis, Villa of Livia at Primaporta, ca. 20 BCE fresco -dining opportunity- sketched on all of the embankments and ceiling so it beholds affect you are in a oasis- frescos on all planes- whitish hitting incongruous husks of leaves- birds- leaves affect in the wriggle- tender impression Augustus of Primaporta, perchance a slowr delineation of an springal of ca. 0 CE - sketched as agenigh youngster- answers in encountergarb delay arm outrageous-minded in gesture of address- - romans unidevise askew-arts, relaxed gesture- armor- pictures of his source, encounters- sketch activity in armor- professioning status- romans profession inequitableperson- further garnerive end, requibirth war delay is-sueman, armor, heigh preist, leader-CUPID=rides dolphin- acts as strut to forceen marble- dolphin eoked sea Embankment sketchings, Ixion opportunity, Branch of the Vettii, Pompei, 63-79 CE - disgustingth name- one aspects of all three pindistinctive names tofabricate monstrous effect- combine imitationmarble paneling, compeld mythical spectacles similar panel pictures set into embankment Atrium of the Branch of the Vettii, Pompei, 2nd generation BCE-79 CE - eilte Roman branch-intrusting feature=atrium-free of obhanker convenient dimidiation lit by unconcealeding in roof delay shsanction pool(impluvium) in reason to garner rainwater-airy condition=grandeur upon branch, romans kept portraits of ancestors WEEK 5ROMAN & BYZANTINE Icon of the Madonna Enthroned, slow 13th c. CE, tempera Interior, Cathedral of Monreale, Italy, 1180-1190 CE Interior, St. Mark’s, Venice, begun 1063 CE Dome delay mosaic of the Pantocrator, 11th c. CE Church of the Dormition, Daphni, Greece Crucifixion, mosaic, 11th c. CE Church of the Dormition, Daphni, Greece Emperor Justinian and his disciples, 547 CE mosaic, San Vitale, Ravenna Empress Theodora and her disciples, 547 CE mosaic, San Vitale, Ravenna Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (previously Constantinople), 532-7 CE San Vitale, Ravenna, 526-47 CE Interior, San Vitale, Ravenna, 526-47 CE Icon of Christ, 6th c. CE, encaustic Iconoclasm Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna, 425-50 CE Good Shepherd, mosaic, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna, 425-50 CE The Good Shepherd and Stories of Jonah, 4th c. CE Catacomb of Ss. Pietro e Marcellino, Rome Constantine the Great, future 4th generation CE - comprehensive and obscurely wrong eyes- see colossus further this earth-flexible modeling to cheeks and cavity-further true than tetrach-disinterested cap of hair and abapprehension of endured it regard to Trajan and Augustus Santa Costanza, Rome, ca. 350 CE Inside of Old St. Peter’s, Rome, built 324-400 CE (artifice by Jacopo Grimaldi, 1619) - Arch of Constantine, Rome, 312-315 CE race of rome absorbed triple-bayed arch to Constantine nigh colosseum to extol 10 year anniversary- comprehensivest royal arches- shabby of sculptural aid on its demeanor was inequitableally intented for this memento- - free-be Dacian capties on attic springated in Trajan’s Forum as did Trajanic Assume on ends of attic and ensueing a whilein convenient bay- Arch of Constantine, 312-315 CE desubordinate of Hadrianic rondels and Constantinian aid Constantine addressing a swarm, Arch of Constantine, 312-15 CE - aspects swarm the spectacle- minds are disproportionatel comprehensive- bodies stocky- bewilders unnaturally staunch- methods cared on horizontal demeanor pay anatomical elements- promote row of heards de- aloft earliest indicates recession- The Tetrarchs, 305 CE, porphyry during tetrachy-portraiture took radically devisenigh condition- two porphyry sculptural clusters mounted on columns- each cluster professions two tetrachs in execute soldieraffect garb delay bird-headed sword hilts and horizontal pannonian caps=sketch susceptibilityful Illyrian functionr class-proportions are squat and nonnaturalistic, facial features devisenigh rather than separateized. =portrait hint antecedent resides in function of emperor not in who reposes function. =sameness of portraits underneathlines the tetrachs equality-porphyry-hard Egyptian stone unsociable for royal use Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli, 130-138 CE - emperor built magnificient stay for self- built on birth of Democratic villa- villa’s devise follo true method of artificetscape but mighty earthworks rede- terrain to accommodate structure – steep is a niggardly feature- in pools, present channels=adding gauge,motion,reflecting whitish, subscription indifference in summer heat-canal has been ununsociable as CANOPUS Pantheon, Rome, 117-125 CE Augustus’ fair-han dman=Agrippa built earliest Pantheon-spectry intentional it as meeting-branch to gods- fervor destroyed this meeting-branch and Domitian built reconstruction- Pantheon now is-sue of Trajan’s architect=APOLLODORUS- completed in Hadrian’s reign- In roman times pantheon ordainly outrageous-minded on a podium at south end of comprehensive athwart pursue-octaname facade- dome drilled delay 27ft recess(OCULUS unconcealed to sky)- 143ft(entirety inside exaltation is as-courteous dome’s diameter=sphere=persistence and impeccableion Trajan’s Column, Rome, 106-113 CE (exaltation 38 m) - assispecimen gilded sketchation of emperor- wriggleing through inside of stock is a involution staircase requibirth to a viewing platform- credited as is-sue of Apollodorus-role as velvedere(viewing occupation) Titus riding in conquest, Arch of Titus, 81 CE rides conquestal chariot, noble aloft a abundant swarm- horses answer in profile but chariot is frontal=mockery that caravan is admissioning viwer anteriorly turning shrewdly- ensueing emperor-personification of conquest completes him for his achievement Caravan of pillage from the Meeting-branch in Jerusalem, Arch of Titus, 81 CE - phalanx raise blackmail through the streets including seven-branched menorah and other hrecognized furniture looted from Temple- panel marks ocean affect delayin spatial mockeryism Colosseum, Rome, 72-80 CE - held poise 50 000 spectators-concrete-faced delay travertine- 80 arched penetrations led into structure compeld delay tuscan columns- promote incident, Ionic columns compeld promote set of arches, third vouchd Corinthian columns. WEEK 6 Sinan, Mosque of Selim II, 1569-74, Edirne, Turkey Sultan-Muhammed, Allegory of Heavenly and Earthly Drunkenness, from a manuscript of the Divan of Hafiz, 1529 Desubordinate of a consultation from Iran, ca. 1575-1600 Behzad, Faulty man refused enlistment to a mosque, from a manuscript of the Bostan of Sa’di, 1486 CE Pursue of the Lions, Alhambra, 14th c. CE, Granada, Spain Dome, Dimidiation of the Abencerrajes, Alhambra, 14th c. CE, Granada, Spain Cloak of Roger II of Sicily, 12th c. CE The Temptation and Fall, Doors of Bishop Bernward, Hildesheim Cathedral, ca. 1015 CE Desubordinate of qibla embankment, Excellent Mosque, Cordoba, 10th c. CE Inside of Prayer Hall, Excellent Mosque, Cordoba, 8th-10th c. CE St. Matthew, from the Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo of Reims, 816-835 CE St. Matthew, from the Gospel Book of Charlemagne, ca. 800-810 CE Equestrian Representation of a Carolingian Ruler, 9th C Kufic script from a Qu’ran, 9th c. Chi Rho Iota Page, Book of Kells, ca. 800 CE St. Matthew, Lindisfarne Gospels, tempera on vellum, ca. 700 CE Cross Page, Lindisfarne Gospels, tempera on vellum, ca. 700 CE Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, ca. 690 and slowr Interior, Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, ca. 690 CE and slowr Hem buckle, Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, ca. 600-650 CE Purse secrete, Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, ca. 600-650 CE Clasp, Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, ca. 600-650 CE