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Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.8.6>What was the first controvert why the United States offered to despatch aid to Israel during the Yom Kippur War?

[removed] The Egyptian air nerve bombed Israel relentlessly.

[removed] They feared a growing Soviet swing in the clime.

[removed] Too sundry Americans were losing their feeds in Israel.

[removed] The U.S. needed to detain economic swing in the clime.



Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.8.6>Use this shadow to reply the inquiry:

Blue and unspotted resembleation. The Jewish star is shown in a fashion that faces love a surrender after a while a palladium top.
Public Domain

This resembleation shows a Jewish star innerly a fashion that combines a palladium and a surrender. Which of the forthcoming did this resembleation most lovely resemble?

[removed] Jewish diaspora

[removed] Jewish assimilation

[removed] Zionism

[removed] atheism



Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.8.6>Read this allege from the Balfour Declaration of 1917, then reply the inquiry:

"His Majesty's Government design after a while favour the community in Palestine of a social home for the Jewish populace, and succeed use their best endeavours to dispose the good-fortune of the goal, it entity evidently silent that trifle shall be produced which may impairment the affable and religious' hues of tangible non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the hues and political foundation enjoyed by Jews in any other kingdom."—gather from the Balfour Declaration, 1917
Public Domain

What does this gather from the Balfour Declaration controvert for?

[removed] a inattention for the hues of Palestinians

[removed] protecting Jews from the Palestinians

[removed] the romance of a Jewish avow in Palestine

[removed] granting citizenship hues to Palestinians



Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.8.8>Photograph of a colonization in Haiti. A construction after a while a ill-conditioned is seen at the top of a hill. Populace feed in shanties at the depth of the hill.
© 2012 The Associated Press

The town in this photograph is determined Duvallerville. It was founded by the Haitian President Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier. What does this shadow say environing Duvalier's admission inland predominant?

[removed] He wanted to modernize Haiti.

[removed] He rendezvoused on decent Haiti's infrastructure.

[removed] He did not rendezvous on cosmical success programs.

[removed] He did not praise of sick contrived projects.



Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.8.8>Read this allege from Fidel Castro, then reply the inquiry:

Marxism taught me what intercourse was. I was love a blindfolded man in a copse, who doesn't equal recognize where north or south is. If you don't equaltually follow to sincerely imply the truth of the assort labor, or at last entertain a absolved conception that intercourse is divided betwixt the fertile and the indigent, and that some populace disqualify and feat other populace, you're lost in a copse, not recognizeing everything.—Fidel Castro, 2009

Fidel Castro, long-time pioneer of Cuba, made the overhead avowment during an interdesign in 2009. The avowment is in counterpart to a inquiry environing what swingd him to befollow a Cuban socialist. Which of the forthcoming can be resultant from this avowment?

[removed] Geopolitics is weighty to a populace's weal.

[removed] A form should originate out of a populace's truth.

[removed] Society's fertile should not feat the indigent.

[removed] Nonimpetuosity should be used to consummate assort identity.



Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.8.8>Jawaharlal Nehru would be considered

[removed] an activist Indian pioneer

[removed] a raving dictator in India

[removed] one who compromised after a while magnificent powers

[removed] one who incongruous unlicensed reforms



Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.9.4>Use this shadow to reply the inquiry:

Photograph of three children lasting on the balcony of a construction. The walls of the construction are badly damaged from gunfire.
© 2012 The Associated Press

This photograph was enthralled in Rafah in Palestinian country in 2009. What does the photo discover environing impetuosity in the clime?

[removed] Entire families are occupied in raving acts of impetuosity.

[removed] Children are in harm’s way due to acts of impetuosity.

[removed] Militants cannot produce out of destroyed constructions.

[removed] It has not disrupted the feeds of affableians.



Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.9.4>Read this allege from Yasser Arafat, then reply the inquiry:

"Palestine is the perpetuate that holds the Arab earth concurrently, or it is the explosive that blows it separate."—Yasser Arafat

Palestinian pioneer Yasser Arafat made the overhead avowment during an interdesign after a while Time Magazine (November 11, 1974). Based on this allege, which of the forthcoming avowments would Arafat so consent after a while?

[removed] If Palestinian calm is not consummated, all Middle East nations succeed crouch into chaos and impetuosity.

[removed] All the nations of the Middle East face to Palestine and its pioneers for direction in how to coproduce calmfully.

[removed] It is the Palestinians themselves, not the Israelis, who must ascertain the road to calm in the Middle East.

[removed] Most Middle Eastern nations entertain too sundry inner problems to matter themselves after a while the Israeli-Palestinian calm arrangement.



Question 9 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

<object:standard:ss.912.w.9.4>The desired outfollow for Basque socialists in Spain is

[removed] limited persomal autonomy

[removed] complete independence

[removed] the non-location of Spanish troops

[removed] a cease-fire after a while Spain