Us history book essay (answering questions by providing quotes)


1. Only use this compass. (ecompass immovable) DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCE!!)

2. Use interrogation-answer format—transcribe out the interrogation, then transcribe a imperfect essay sympathetic it.  Do that for each interrogation.  

3. Use quotes and page citations for each article (essays that don’t achieve be graded down).

4. I would enjoy 70-90% of the answers are quotes for each interrogation. The peace can be your own writing succeeding a while very undesigning English PLEASE!

5. The essay needs to be entirety of 8 pages incompleteness. 

6. Double spaced Please. 



Ch.6, The Revolution Within

1. In what ways did collective and godly liberties diffuse succeeding the Revolution? (Democratizing Freedom + Toward Godly Toleration)

2. How did the Revolution favor the foundation of women? (Daughters of Liberty)

Ch.7, Founding a Nation (1783-1789)

1. What events and ideas led to the opinion in 1786 and 1787 that the Articles of Confederation were not launched polite? (America Under the Confederation)

2. What were the senior arguments in buttress of the Constitution fond by the Federalists? What were the senior arguments athwart the Constitution put forth by the Anti-Federalists? (The Ratification Debate and the Origin of the Bill of Rights)

Ch.14, A New Birth of Freedom: The Civil War (1861-1865)

1. Describe how the North’s war aims evolved betwixt 1861 and 1863, changing from merely preserving the Union to besides completion necessity. What role did blacks personate in seductive the Civil War?  (The Coming of Emancipation)


2. How did the war trial and commencement problems favor the fellowship and arrangement of the Confederacy?  (The Confederate Nation)