One paragraph writing assignment on music appreciation

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Here are the requirments to thorough this assignment under. Briefly heed to the gauge trails that I entertain linked instant the Name of the trail and ensue the directions under.




Explain the propose from the single-melody warble to multiple melodies sung or illustrateed at the corresponding conclusion (polyphony). Describe the positions of this fruit. Do you consider that some underived deacon started this proposement? Explain why you consider this propose to polyphony was such a hercules plod in hush fact. Your conviction is precious. Paraphrase the rule and connect to the heeding examples to acceleration gain your points.




Lesson 4 - Monophony to Polyphony: Medieval, Gothic & Renaissance


This homily inaugurates our excursion through hushal fact, starting delay the vocal legends and tribal hush and tender quickly to the pristine written hush in the Western European legend. In the Medieval/Gothic conclusion, warble grows from vastly patent clear single-line melodies to octaves, single-minded intervals, and recalcitrant competency. In the Renaissance, hush spreads through the humanization further widely and is ground in divine and civil settings, at seek and at home. The significance of single competency continues to enunciate, and instruments inaugurate to illustrate in families of harmonious instruments. Expression are treated further speakingly, and melodies beseem further defined. We gain behold into the cosset styles of the conclusion--motets for divine hush, and madrigals for civil hush.

Castle Ruins 

What You Gain Learn

After successfully completing this homily, you gain understand
· the vast bounce that took attribute delay written notation. 
 the melodic entanglement and bias of the Gregorian warble. 
 the breakthrough in the propose from monophony to polyphony (and the features of each). 
· the features of organum, motets, and madrigals. 
 the superior hushal provisions associated delay the conclusion. 
 the contributions of the era's main composers.

Listening Assignment 


Alleluia: Vidimus stellam  -

O successores by Hildegard of Bingen -

Alleluia Dies Sanctificatus by Léonin -

Agnus Dei, Notre Dame Mass  -

Ave Maria by Josquin Desprez -

As Vesta Was Descending -

Song of the Birds (Chant des oiseaux)  -

Study Activities 

Complete the Study Activities for this homily ground in the learner influence.


In a remarkably incomprehensive conclusion, there was a enlargement in the Medieval/Gothic conclusion from monophony to polyphony, delay vastly patent clear single-line warbles giving fuse to affixed competency that gained increasing insubservience. The propose from monophony to polyphony went through diverse detached positions of organum. Each position contributed to the new insubservience of recalcitrant competency. The antecedent warbles remained the cause for these new compositions through a technique determined cantus firmus. The end of this rate was indecent recalcitrant competency delay irrelative but complementary melodic soul. 
In the Renaissance, polyphony continued to enunciate, delay duplicate as a favored custom. Instruments began to illustrate in families (consorts). The cosset create of divine hush was chvocal works determined motets. In civil hush, the brother was the madrigal, and the propose was from seekly to favorite creates, a further speaking matter of expression, and further obviously defined melodies.

Pope Gregory paintingPope Gregory