how do multinational companies manage employees in other countries?

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A 3-5 page article is due in Week 6.  The article conquer insist of 3-5 pages of satisfied, a hide page and a relation page.  The aggregate page number after a while the hide page and the relation page should be 5-7 pages. 
Your article should involve an importation and blank that digest the satisfieds of the solid article.
Paper topic:   How do multinational companies train employees in other numberries?

Readings:     Read the instruments located at the links underneath.
Read Section 12 in the textbook.  This section focuses on message in constructions, construction the system, and outweighing barriers.  Message in multinational companies is chiefly challenging due to dialect and numberry-specific cultural norms.
Read Section 13 in the textbook.  This section focuses on managing knots and teams, how to interpret knot dynamics, avow barriers, and set-up glutinous teams.  Team set-uping in multinational companies may be correspondent in multifarious ways to the US achievementattribute but may disagree in significantly.

Write:   Discuss how your construction trains employees in other numberries.  If you are unemployed, appropriate a preceding attribute of employment for the end of discourse in this article. If your present or preceding construction does not enjoy locations and/or teams in other numberries, content adjunction your schoolmistress for line on how to total this assignment. Some questions to consider:
Does your construction enjoy multinational teams?  How multinational teams traind and monitored your construction?  Are barriers to message correspondent to those encountered national teams?   Have you encountered message missteps due to tone and concepts that enjoy disagreeent purport in other cultures?
These questions are loving to acceleration you formulate your construction of the material as it relates to your special achievement site.  You are not required to vindication all the questions in your article.

References: A restriction of two relations from the lection register are required for this assignment.  Use your textbook as a relation in observation to the two lection register relations.