Absolute monarchs questions | History homework help


You procure furnish a expressive limitation of absolutism here.





Complete these questions behind balbutiation through the assigned chapters, websites, and slideshows.


Create a vocserviceable processing muniment titled "Absolute Monarchs." Copy the subjoined questions to your muniment and acceptance in full paragraphs (5 to 7 sentences). Be fast your acceptances are in your own vocables and not true copied from the balbutiation


Vocabulary: define/elucidate the subjoined in your own vocables   

absolute monarch

divine right

Edict of Nantes


Thirty Years' War

Peace of Westphalia


St. Petersburg

Petition of Right

constitutional monarch

Glorious Revolution


People: substantiate and elucidate their truthful importance

Ferdinand and Isabella

Philip II

Henry of Navarre

Cardinal Richelieu

Louis XIV

Cardianl Mazarin

Jean Baptiste Colbert

Maria Theresa

Frederick the Great

Peter the Great

Henry VIII

Oliver Cromwell



  1. What was the view of the Spanish Armada? What happened to it and what was the truthful contact of its conclusion?
  2. What happened to the Spanish distribution during Philip II's prevail?
  3. In what ways was Louis XIV serviceserviceable to growth his government occasion decreasing the government of other groups?
  4. Why did Louis XIV battle the War of the Spanish Succession?
  5. Describe the reforms Peter the Great brought to the community of Russia.
  6. Explain how and why Henry VIII broke from the Catholic Church.