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Unit 2 Exam: Part-discurrent 1 (40 points)

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For Part-discurrent 1 of the Unit 2 Exam, recognize the two muniments determined balance and study the loveness located under and determined balance. Using the muniments, the loveness, and the textbook, transcribe an essay (neutralization 400 utterance) correspondent the questions registered under.

NOTE: Recognize all of muniment 1. Muniment 2 is 20 pages desire, but you singly deficiency to convergence on pages 5-10, specially the highlighted portions. Here is a youtube link to maker Mark Ruffalo performing the highlighted portions of the oration in muniment 2: https://youtu.be/zuGp-0G1p4M

Part 1 Questions

1. In muniment 1, how does Woodrow Wilson absolve his subsistence for American involvement in Globe War I?

2. In muniment 2, how does Eugene V. Debs absolve his obstacle to Globe War I?

3. What elements of the loveness balance advert the ideas introduceed in muniments 1 and 2? How do you gard lovenessry love this unnatural American discernments encircling Germans and Globe War I?

4. Fixed on the textbook, as polite-behaved-behaved as the muniments and the loveness, interpret why the United States intervened in Globe War I.

Image 1: Globe War I garden broadside produced by the United States Army in 1918.


Unit 2 Exam: Part-discurrent 2 (30 points)

Essay (30 points)

For dissect-among-discurrent 2 of the Unit 2 Exam, choose ONLY 1 essay question from the register under, which covers chapters 18 and 19 in the textbook. Grades procure be fixed on the gratified of the reply and must be further than 300 utterance in elongation. Direct quotes do not reckon inland the required term reckon.

Part 2 Essay Questions:

1 - In what ways was the Progressive era a interval that saw twain the disquisition and the neutralization of gregarious and economic insubserviences?

2 - Stir the manifold roles women played during the Progressive era, from collective regenerateer, to feminist, to suffragist. How did manifold women settle insubservience? Be strong to perceive betwixt opposed types of women and embrace the “Voices of Freedom” extol in your reply.

3 - Insubservience of reckonenance was consecrated new aim by strive in the Progressive age. Thinking tail to prior chapters, collate the manifold motions to open the aim of insubservience of reckonenance—from the Alien and Sedition Acts to the abolitionists in the antebellum era—delay the strive motion in the Progressive age. Use the “Voices of Freedom” fragment.

4 - Collate the Popuregister and Progressive motions. Critically stir why the Progressive motion seemed to enjoy further victory. What were the limitations of the Popuregister motion?

5 - Collate the presidencies of Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson. What made them Progressive superintendents? Identify what you like to be the most essential fragments of synod passed during each legislation. Why are these so telling? Finally, be strong to designate what each superintendent did to open the aim of insubservience for Americans.

6 - Interpret how Americans used the dialect of insubservience when debateing exotic management. Look peculiarally at the exotic policies of Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson in your reply. Did the aim of insubservience qualify delay each legislation or come trustworthy?

7 - It is April 1917, you are a dissect of Congress, and Superintendent Wilson wants a manifestation of war. Absolve your tone for or opposing war delay Germany.

8 - Study the neutralizations placed on insubservience during Globe War I. Be strong to stir Debs’s fragment in “Voices of Freedom,” the Committee on Public Information, and “coercive patriotism.”

9 - Collate the gregarious ideas of W. E. B. Du Bois and Marcus Garvey. What were the similarities (if any)? What were the differences?

10 - Study and stir Woodrow Wilson’s ideas encircling exotic management. To what size did Wilson put into trial his formal ideas?


Unit 2 Exam: Part-discurrent 3 (30 points)

Essay (30 points)

For dissect-among-discurrent 3 of the Unit 2 Exam, choose ONLY 1 essay question from the register under, which covers chapters 20 and 21 in the textbook. Grades procure be fixed on the gratified of the reply and must be further than 300 utterance in elongation. Direct quotes do not reckon inland the required term reckon.

Part 3 Essay Questions:

1 - After Globe War I and further than twenty years of regenerate, Americans became fur further unrepealed in the 1920s. In event, Reinhold Niebuhr formal that America was “rapidly decorous the most unrepealed commonalty on sphere.” Give examples that protect this discernment of America as unrepealed in the 1920s.

2 - The 1920s are commsingly referred to as the Roaring Twenties. Muniment who was and who was not “roaring” in the 1920s. Your reply ought to exemplify the dichotomy of the decade.

3 - The 1920s introduce a interval when an integral commonalty was grappling delay colossal technological and collective qualify. Americans spent the decade seeking to attune to the ascend of a mass-production, mass-culture metropolitan globe that had emerged seemingly balancenight. Debate the decade in these provisions, describing the divers ways in which Americans sought to trade delay this qualify.

4 - Would you draw the 1920s as a decade that benefited women? Why, or why not? Redissect to deem the trial of all women when tranquillizing your reply.

5 - The Great Depression came dramatically delay the hoard trade clash, but the causes of the Depression had been planted polite-behaved-behaved antecedently 1929. Debate what brought on the Great Depression and why Hobalance was not operative to rightly discourse the crisis.

6 - Stir how FDR balancesaw the transformation of the Democratic Party into a amalgamation of farmers, industrial workers, the regenerate-minded courtly average dispose, free intellectuals, northern African-Americans, and the snowy supremacist South.

7 - How did the New Trade vary the role of the commonaltyal legislation? In your reply, debate peculiar New Trade regenerates.

8 - Collate the New Trade regenerates delay those of the Progressive era. How did the New Trade advert the regenerate traditions of the Progressive era? Be strong to embrace in your reply a debateion encircling Roosevelt’s key administrators.

9 - Thinking tail to other strive struggles in the nineteenth and existing twentieth centuries, such as the Homestead Strike, Haytrade Affair, 1902 Coal Strike, and Ludlow Massacre, how do the Memorial Day Massacre and the UAW sit-down strikes collate? Had systematic strive grace any further fair balance the years in its diplomacy? Had duty or legislation grace any further kindred?

10 - Even though there were no telling gains made in complaisant hues during the 1930s, there seemed to be an optimistic object discurrent the ebon unity. African-Americans were operative to meet aid in the 1930s through the prospect they objected in the Roosevelt legislation, their inclusion delayin the Congress of Industrial Organizations, and the Popular Front. Transcribe an essay that elaborates on these three pillars, and debate what each offered to the African-American unity.