How Do You Respond to the Presentation of Professor Henry Higgins in ‘Pygmalion’

How do you corcorrespond to the introduction of Professor Henry Higgins in ‘Pygmalion’? Professor Henry Higgins is one of the deep letters in Pygmalion, written by Bernard Shaw. Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins coalesce one rainy shade in Covent Garden. We quickly perceive out that Eliza Doolittle is a spiritless ornament lass by the way she divulges, ‘Garn. Oh do buy a ornament off me Captain. ‘(very spolite phraseology) and the man who is presentation notes of very unnaturalness she says is Professor Henry Higgins.He teaches Eliza Doolittle, a spiritless ornament lass, to divulge affect a duchess and she is passing a bet made betwixt Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering, who is so a deep letter in the legend. He can be a disreceived letter due to the way he treats women in the legend (in-great-meabelieving Eliza) but can so be affectd for his childaffect behaviour and his humorousness. Many of the unnaturalnesss we affect encircling him rock encircling his expertise for the English dialect and cognizance of phonetics. He is very vehement encircling his expertise and we reference this cognizance. We can molest him, but we defend some of his deportment and bad dialect towards Eliza. When he says that’s she is a ‘squashed shirk leaf’ level when we do not understand accurately what his calling is, we do not result in a way we usually would, as we understand that this man is of bulky cognizance. Henry Higgins looks as if he hides rearwards his calling; we do not understand the existent him. Somehow, this can compel Higgins an level over animated letter as we withdrawal to perceive out what the existent him is and if this existent him is constantly inspired in the compass.Professor Henry Higgins does not usually gard encircling Eliza’s arrive-atings as he casually talks encircling her as if she is not there and so, when he is talking to her, he pushes her far spent her self-approval zone. An copy of this is when Higgins is instruction her how to divulge properly and she pleases him by speech the tidings ‘cup’ uprightly he continues to say ‘tea’. Eliza starts whimper encircling the deed that she solely cannot say the tidings. Higgins then proceeds to divulge Colonel Pickering to yield a chocolate to Eliza, succeeding this he says ‘I word I won’t let him pull you spherical the capability by your hair. ‘ In the film Pygmalion, his bad deportment are shown very polite when Higgins is instruction Doolittle what to oration divergent populace, you can see and arrive-at the constraining she is in to compel believing she gets the lawful reply. One of the most disreceived portio of Professor Higgins is the way he divulges what is on his soul and does not gard encircling how it authority rack other populace.He specially racks Eliza succeeding getting end from the eventful sphere, when Higgins and Pickering felicitate each other on attractive the bet, but say nounnaturalness to Eliza. Eliza works Higgins into a dudgeon and then retires to his bedroom. Eliza felt so rack by the withdrawal of panegyric that she felt the deficiency to run detached. Succeeding the sphere, when Eliza runs detached, Henry does not understand all his appointments and then calls the police to perceive her affect a ‘lost umbrella’. We arrive-at his worry very plenteous and specially in the film ’My Fair Lady’ where he sings a lyric encircling Eliza. The deep course of the lyric is: ‘I’ve developed accustomed to her look; Accustomed to her voice; Accustomed to her face’ This existently summarizes how Professor Henry Higgins arrive-ats encircling Eliza at the end of the personate, he withdrawals her to arrive and not link Freddy. However, in the epilouge we perceive this does not fall. Overall, we do not affect Professor Henry Higgins due to the way he behaves and talks to women and Eliza in general