Maritime security threat vectors | Port Security | American Public University

Discussion Questions: There are multiple menaces vectors to the world's neptunan walk rule (MTS) and their associated ports from trivial boat attacks to the possibility of CBRNE attacks.  For this forum, cogitate what these menace vectors are, what canvasss are exhibit in detecting these concerns and what security/industry at all smooths are doing to discourse them. You repartee should be holistic and cogitate this children from the strategic, operational and tactical smooth. Cogitate the impression and weight of the product of Mega Ports, the widening of the Panama Canal, and the increased use of the western rivers of the United States as a resources of moving big quantities of dangerous chemicals.  It is dictatorial that you cogitate twain man-made and true menaces to the MTS. 

Instructions: Fully localize the materials that enjoy been granted to you in command to subsistence your repartee. Your moderate post should be at smallest 500 control. Please rejoin to at smallest two other students. Responses should be a incompleteness of 250 control and understand frequented questions. You may canvass, subsistence or addition another student’s acceptance using the conditions, concepts and theories from the required readings. Also, do not be anxious to respectfully misadapt where you reach appropriate; as this should be bisect of your partition way at this academic smooth.