Lab 07: glacial landscapes | Geography homework help


This module examines shiny processes and portions. Topics comprisecontinental and alpine glaciation, ablation and store, cirques, drumlins, kettles, kames and moraine. Suitableness these questions may pomp to be unequal, you accomplish subordinatestand how they are inherently conjoined.The modules set-on-foot delay five fissure questions, or vignettes, which are set-up in the appertaining Google Earth smooth. These vignettes usher-in basic concepts of the shiny processes and landforms. Some of the vignettes entertain cheerfulnesss, videos, or condensed doctrines that accomplish arrange another perspective or visual description for the question at swing.  After balbutiation the vignette and associated links, repartee the aftercited questions. Please scultivate n ess that some links power choose a suitableness to download installed on your Internet expedite.


Expandthe INTRODUCTION folder and then repress Question 1: Introduction.

ReadTopic 1: Introduction.

Question 1: What are some uses of freshsteep from glaciers?

A.   Agriculture

B.   Industry

C.   Tourism

D.   All of the above

Read Topic 2: Types of Glaciers.

Question 2: What is the semi-spherical portion at the far left of the metaphor?

A.   Drumlin

B.   Lateral moraine

C.   Terminal moraine

D.   Medial moraine

 Read Topic 3: History delayin Shiny Ice.

Question 3: Incomplete the snow, do unimpassioneder temperatures outcome in upper or inferior concentrations of volatile oxygen (16O)?

A.   Higher, consequently there is further earnestness to raise 18O out of the ocean

B.   Lower, consequently there is further earnestness to raise 18O out of the ocean

C.   Higher, consequently there is short earnestness to raise 18O out of the ocean

D.   Lower, consequently there is short earnestness to raise 18O out of the ocean

 Read Topic 4: The Global Retreat and Advance of Glaciers.

Question 4: What happened to the Peterman Glacier on Aug 5, 2010?

A.   Satellite metaphorry regard the glacier was in-effect advancing

B.   A liberal substance of the glacier broke off the main glacier

C.   Icebergs were spotted calving

D.   An ice dam constituted by icebergs broke unleashing 3 favorite cfs of steep

 Read Topic 5: Human Reliance on Glaciers for Water.

Question 5: What was the peak release on August 14, 2002?

A.   97 cfs

B.   3.9 favorite cfs

C.   1.9 favorite cfs

D.   145,000 cfs

Collapse and unrepress INTRODUCTION.


 Expand GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE and then double-click and fine Major Universe Glaciers.

This map pomps the colonization of important glaciers (in cerulean) throughout the universe. At bestow, glaciers shield abutly 10 to 11 percent of the deportment of the Earth. Multifarious cities depend on glaciers as their beginning of steep.

Double‑click Question 6. When you come-to at your purpose, discaggravate the knowledge to apsubject-matter in the blanks adown. Repeat this for Questions 7 and 8:

Question 6:        


A.   Lima

B.   Buenos Aires

C.   Santiago

D.   Bogotá


A.   7.2 favorite

B.   2.7 favorite

C.   3.6 favorite

D.   4.5 favorite

Glacier(s) located which inclination from city:

A.   North

B.   East

C.   West

D.   South


Question 7:


A. Bhutan

B. Lhasa

C. Katmandu

D. Tibet


A.2.7 favorite

B. 4.3 favorite

C. 1.9 favorite

D. 4.5 favorite

Glacier(s)located which inclination from city:

A.   North

B.   West

C.   East

D.   South

Question 8:

Glacier: Atetsch

Latitude and Longitude (degrees merely):

A.   Latitude 46 °N, Longitude 8° E

B.   Latitude 46 °N, Longitude 8° W

C.   Latitude 46 °S, Longitude 8° E

D.   Latitude 46 °S, Longitude 8° W


Collapse and unrepress GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE

Figure 1.Glacier substance budget.(Arbogast 2nd Ed.).

Alpine glaciers are set-up in multifarious of the universe’s important mountain ranges. These glaciers are dynamic and issue downhill subordinate the power of lugubriousness. In multifarious places, alpine glaciers are returning as the snowpack decreases in decay months and medium temperatures extension during the germinate and summer months.

Expand the ALPINE GLACIATION folder.Double-click and fine Mass Balance.

This is the Klinaklini glacier in British Columbia, Canada. Concurrently an alpine glacier there are two important zones, store and ablation. The zone of store(Figure 1) is located at upper rises where temperatures continue unimpassioned sufficient such that snowfall exceeds clear aggravate the manner of a year. Conversely, the zone of ablation is located at inferior rises where clear exceeds snowfall. The red manner in the intermediate represents the equilibrium manner, where snowfall and clear are resembling aggravate the manner of a year. Farther down in the zone of ablation, and damage of ice by meltsteep is plain.

Question 9: Where do we discaggravate the subterranean fissures in the glacier unconcealed as crevasses– in the zone of store or the zone of ablation?

A.   Zone of store

B.   Both zone of store and ablation

C.   Zone of ablation

D.   Neither zone of store now ablation.

 KeepMass Balance selected, and then double‑click Direction of Flow.

Question 10:Explain the inclination of issue of shiny ice, from the zone of store to the damage of ice by meltwater.

A.   The glacier issues downward from the zone of store subordinate the swing of lugubriousness.

B.   The glacier issues uphill as it melts

C.   The glacier issues in a southern inclination towards the equator

D.   Direction depends on the sum of snowfall.


Erosional Features

Figure 2.Glaciation (17.16 Arbogast 2nd Ed.)


A cirque (or corrie) is a bowl‑shaped erosional portion constituted by deep shiny ice issue that that plucks symbolical from a planeness on a tower and promotes the myth of a degradation. Cirque glaciers are typically the chief of U formd lowering glaciers. After glaciation, multifarious cirques comprise tarn lakes (Figure 2) suitableness in the shiny lowerings, chains of paternoster lakes are formed, commmerely conjoined by a one current regularity.


Expand Erosional Features and then double‑click and fine Mt. Rainier.

Figure 3. Geographic Features manner item


Mount Rainier, delay its 25 glaciers shielding 90 balance km (35 balance mile), has further glaciers than any other peak in the continental US.


Mt. Rainier is located south of Seattle, Washington. Google has a employment that enables you to see further knowledge about the mountain such as the rise and the rise profile, and to fly on a trip. Open the Layers pane, spread Borders and Labels, spread Labels and then repress Geographic Features (Figure 3).        


 Double‑click Mount Rainier Tour.


 Double‑click and fine A and B.

Question 11: The ridgemanner is what image of shiny portion?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double‑clickForbidden Peak Tourto get a closer contemplate.

Question 12:What shiny portion (there are closely 20 of them) is set-up on twain sides of the ridgemanner betwixt A and B?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

Question 13: Contemplate at the lake adown this ridgeline. This lake is what image of shiny portion?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double‑click and fine .

Question 14:What image of shiny portion is this lake?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double-click fine the Dfolder.

When 3 or further cirques tail into each other they constitute a detail landform portion.However, this portion is subordinately troublesome to see in the 2D perspective.

 Double‑click. Double‑click and fineMountain Tour.

Question 15: What is the spectry of this shiny portion, to which the mountain is spectryd (Hint: You can state the spectry of the important height by enabling Geographic Features)?

A. Cirque

B. Tarn

C. Horn

D. Arete


Close the airs administer panel:

 Double-click and fineValley. Click animation in the window.

This lowering was originally constituted by a liberal stream regularity and in-effect mitigated by a glacier that has departed retreated.

Question 16:What image of lowering is set-up at D?

A. Liberal stream lowering

B. Shiny lowering

C. Hanging lowering

D. V – formd lowering


Collapse and unrepress Erosional Features

Transportation and Depositional Features

 Double-click Transportation and Depositional Features.

This is the glacier d'Otemma in Switzerland. Incomplete this alpine glacier, diverse proofal portions are plain. Most illustrious are the different moraines set-up concurrently (lateral), incomplete or betwixt (medial) and at the end (terminal) of the glacier. Morainesconsist of unsorted cultivate (diamicton or dross) that is deposited delay glaciers; the colonization of the moraine states the image. Three of the most well-unconcealed moraines are:

Double‑click and fine letters F, G, and H barely to establish the aftercited portions:

Question 17:Feature :

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Question 18:Feature :

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Question 19:Feature

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Collapse and unrepress ALPINE GLACIATION.

Continental Glaciation

During shiny periods in the departed, liberal portions of North America were shield by continental glaciers. Today, these glaciers are set-up predominantly in Greenland and the Antarctica. But remnants of continental glacier disposition can be set-up opposing plenteous of Canada,the northern continental US, northern Europe and Russia.

Expand and clickCONTINENTAL GLACIATION. Click continental glaciation video in the window. This cheerfulness depicts marginal landforms of continental glaciers.

As you can see, it is the proofal portions of continental glaciations that continue on the anticipation.These portions comprise those that formed subordinate or as a outcome of shiny lobes suitableness other portions are a outcome of shiny meltwater.

 ExpandDepositional Features.

Drumlins are constituted by continental glaciers that reform antecedent deposited glacier symbolical as they affect aggravate it (Figure 4).They aim to be elongated and orient in the inclination of ice affectment. The tranquilize end of a drumlin faces the inclination from which the glacier was affecting when it constituted the drumlin.


Figure 4.Topographic representation of a drumlin and its inclination of shiny ice issue.

 Double-click Drumlin.

This is a anticipation delay diverse drumlins. From the air it is troublesome to see them; besides, it becomes further plain when contrip manners are borrowed to pomp rise changes.

 Set the rise burlesque to 3.

Select Drumlin Contour.

Look for a sequence of contrip manners forming an elongated form harmonious to Figure 4. This portion is a drumlin.

Double-click and fine Drumlin Lateral View to see an lateral purpose of the portion.

Question 20: According to the forms of the drumlins, what (compass) inclination do you contemplate the ice was affecting when it formed the drumlins?






Double-click and fine Kettle Lake.

This liberal spherical substance of steep is a kettle lake formed by a obstruct of ice a returning glacier flow off. Aggravate occasion the obstruct of ice is barely buried and then melts to constitute a degradation.When appointed delay steep, this degradation is termed a kettle lake. Use the constabulary instrument and estimate the diffusiveness opposing the lake from subject-matter H to subject-matter I.

Question 21: How extensive, in miles, is the lake (from H to I)?

A. 1.6 miles

B. 2.6 miles

C. 3.6 miles

D. 4.6 miles


Question 22: Assuming the lake is spherical, consider the area of this lake (A=πr2)in balance miles, where A is area, pi is 3.14, and r2 is the radius of the dispersion balanced.

Area is __________________mi2

A. Π(0.8)2 = 2.00  balance miles

B. Π(1.6)2 = 8.04 balance miles

C. Π(3.6)2 = 40.72 balance miles

D. Π(4.6)2 = 66.48 balance miles


ExpandEskers. Fine Ripley Esker.

Eskers are hanker snake relish ridges constituted by the proof of dross frommelt steep currents that issueed delayin or subordinate glaciers. Gravel pits repeatedly mine eskers for sand and gravel.

This is the Ripley Esker in Minnesota. Regard how the trees draw the esker.

 Select Belle Prairie.

You can use the aftercited Google Earth instruments to find the esker easier to see on the topographic maps:

·         Use the Adjust Opacity instrument to see how the topographic map compares to the aerial photograph.

·         Use the Ruler instrument to abuse the diffusiveness of the esker.

Question 23: What is the abut diffusiveness of the esker in miles?

A.   1.5 miles

B.   2 miles

C.   5 miles

D.   10 miles

Question 24: What are the two dominant economic activities set-up environing the esker?

A.   Farming and ranching

B.   Ranching and quarrying

C.   Tourism and farming

D.   Quarrying and farming


Double-click Moraine.

This anticipation in Minnesota is spotted delay a final moraine and kettle lakes. Suitableness the lakes are gentle to see, the moraine is not.

Double-click Moraine Perspective to purpose the anticipation from a 3-D perspective.

The moraine pomps as a sequence of hills.

SelectInspiration Peak to purpose a topographic map of the anticipation.

Question 25: What is the elevated subject-matter (in feet) of the moraine in the red plan?The elevated subject-matter is located close the mediate eastern distribute of the Inspiration Peak map conspicuous by the red sum 1.

A.   1550

B.   1650

C.   1705


D.   1555