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Note: Please summit to the GETTING STARTEDmodule to acquire how to maneuver through and solution the lab inquirys using Google Earth ().


Students should avow and discern these engagements:








Karst plantscape


Carbonate roll


Tower karst

Disappearing stream


Water board



After successfully completing this module, you should be able to the subjoined tasks:

·         Identify karst indications on a topographic map and aerial photo

·         Identify plant uses associated delay karst topography

·         Identify components of the premiseinstil regularity

·         Explain how instil enters, flows through, and exits the premise

·         Explain how caves and caverns are deviseed

·         Explain how the hydrologic cycle functions

·         Identify plant uses associated delay premisewater




This module examines Karst plantscapes and premisewater. Topics include caves, caverns, sinkholes, aquifers, infiltration and premiseinstil motion. Conjuncture these subjects may response to be different, you allure acquire how they are inherently akin. The modules set-out delay indecent initiation subjects, or vignettes, which are premise in the cognate Google Sphere polish. These vignettes preface basic concepts karst plantscapes and premisewater. Some of the vignettes entertain animations, videos, or inextensive declaration that allure cater another perspective or visual description for the subject at operative.  After balbutiation the vignette and associated merges, solution the subjoined inquirys. Please voice that some merges agency feign a conjuncture to download premiseed on your Internet hurry.

 Expandthe INTRODUCTION folder and then primeed Subject 1: Introduction.

 Read Topic 1:Introduction.

Question 1: What rational mobility is conspicuous in twain demeanor and subterranean karst environments?

A.   Human dwellings

B.   Pollution

C.   Agricultural plant use

D.   Dams for hydroelectric power

 Read Topic 2: Karst Landscapes.

Question 2: How are caves and caverns, uniformly underground, now clear on the demeanor in confirmed poetical karst environment?

A.   A inferior in instil flattens unprotected the caves and caverns

B.   Terracing of mountains for urban evolution unprotected them

C.   Tectonic set-up and weathering and erosion of mountains unprotected them

D.   Removal of vegetation unprotected the caves and caverns

 Read Topic 3: Groundwater

Question 3: How does the “ground” (soil, roll, topography) swing premiseinstil motion? (Check all that use).

A.   The premise can temporarily trust or provision the instil

B.   Groundinstil unconcealedly conforms to the topography of plantscape

C.   Soil devise affects infiltration rates

D.   The premise does not swing premiseinstil motion

 Read Topic 4: Rational Interaction.

Question 4: According to the website, what are three methods used to ease decrease? (Check all that use).

A.   Repressuring of polites through aquifers

B.   Artificial recharge of aquifers from the plant demeanor

C.   Reduction of pumping draft

D.   Repressuring of aquifers through polites


 Collapse and unrepress INTRODUCTION.

For the interval of this module, you allure test and teach the geographic division, patterns, and processes associated delay karst processes and premisewater. In doing so, you allure avow and regard the application that these processes and indications entertain on the demeanor.



   Double-click GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, and the primeeded Global Karst Distribution.

Karst environments are premise throughout the universe, and are premise in closely all climates and residuums on sphere. Manifold metropolitan cities are premise in these karst plantscapes. Moreover, manifold of these cities so are situated aloft or neighboring abundant aquifers that cater instil (in the devise of premisewater) to the city and extreme areas.

For Questions 5 to 8, double‑click and repress each inquiry to come-to at the city located in a karst environment. To furnish the associated abundant aquifer regularity located underneath or nigh to the city of share, primeeded Global Aquifer Distribution and click global map. Fill in the blanks underneath delay the solution:



Associated Aquifer

Question 5


A.   Miami

B.   Tampa

C.   Cairo

D.   Paris

A.   Gulf Coastal Plains

B.   Eastern European

C.   Central Asian

D.   Western Desert

Question 6


A.   Moscow

B.   Paris

C.   London

D.   New York

A.  Gulf Coastal Plains

B. Eastern European

C. Central Asian

D. Western Desert

Question 7


A.   Cairo

B.   Dubai

C.   Johannesburg

D.   Nairobi

A.   Eastern Africa

B.   Sahara Basin

C.   South Africa

D.   Karoo Basin

Question 8


A.   Paris

B.   Bonn

C.   Rome

D.   Madrid

A.   Southern Europe

B.   Germanic Basin

C.   Parisian Basin

D.   Alpine Aquifer


 Collapse and unrepress GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE.


 Expand the KARST TOPOGRAPHY folder, and then double‑click and primeeded Dunnellon, Florida.

 After the topographic map displays in Google Earth, dilate the Feature A folder, and then primeeded twain Indication A and Feature A Profile.
Note: You agency entertain to zoom out to distinctly see Indication A.

Notice that the figure verses are enclosed and hachured.

Question 9: What do enclosed hachured figure verses topographically represent?

A.   Water body

B.   Hill top or noble summit

C.   Depression

D.   Unsure environing just residuum of figure


Question 10: What do enclosed figure verses without hachured verses topographically represent?

A.   Water body

B.   Hill top or noble summit

C.   Depression

D.   Unsure environing just residuum of figure


Question 11: What devise of karst plantdevise is Indication A?

A.   Sinkhole

B.   Cave

C.   Cavern

D.   Tower Karst

 Right click the engagement Feature A Profile and primeeded Show Superiority Propolish

Question 12: What is the remedy (dissonance in superiority betwixt acme superiority and bisectiality superiority) delayin Indication A using the superiority propolish (in feet)? (Select the solution closest to what you see in your superiority propolish window).


A.   70 feet

B.   1,393 feet

C.   900 feet

D.   9 feet


 Unrepress the folder Feature A. Verify Dunnellon, Florida is tranquil enabled, and then double‑click and primeeded Feature B.

Question 13: Why would these indications entertain to be on the demeanor?

A.   Ground is too pressible to frame them underground

B.   Ground is too wet to frame them underground

C.   Risk of wasteinstil contaminating premisewater

D.   Risk of premiseinstil contaminating wastewater


 Unrepress Feature B. Verify Dunnellon, Florida is tranquil enabled, and then double‑click and primeeded Feature C.

Question 14: What is this indication?

A.   A lake

B.   A pond

C.   A spring

D.   A swamp

 Unrepress Feature C. Verify Dunnellon, Florida is tranquil enabled, and then double‑click and primeeded Feature D.

Question 15: What is this indication?

A.   Stream

B.   Road

C.   Trail

D.   River

 Unrepress Feature D. Double‑click and primeeded Feature E. Notice what the indication looks approve in the Topographic map.

 Unrepress the Dunnellon, Florida topographic map. Use the Historical Imagery option to set the bound to 1/5/1999. Compare the instil in the indication in 1999 to the instil indication on 1/17/2010.

Question 16: What has happened to the instil flatten in Indication D?

A.   The instil flatten has increased

B.   The instil flatten has inferiord

C.   The instil flatten has remained the same

D.   Unable to particularize

 Unrepress Dunnellon, Florida.

Now we allure go to Mt. Gambier, Australia.

 Double‑click and primeeded Umpherston Sinkhole. Click the merge on the allure out box for Umpherston Sinkhole and guard the inextensive video prune.

Question 17: What is this sinkhole used for?

A.   Landfill

B.   Garden

C.   Swimming pool

D.   Golf course

 Collapse and unrepress KARST TOPOGRAPHY


 Expand the TOWER KARST LANDSCAPES folder.

 Double‑click and primeeded Tower Karst.

This is an pattern of mollify karst in southern China, neighboring Guilin, in Guangxi Province. These mollifys are the ultimate cherishing pieces of a limestone outcrop. The interval of the limestone has been weathered and eroded. The amollify of these plantscapes can be wholly precipitous.

 Select Slope. Right‑click Slope, and then primeeded Show Superiority Profile.

Question 18: What is the middle confident amollify (percentage)? (Select the solution closest to what you see in your superiority propolish window).

A.   80%

B.   32%

C.   74%

D.   -91%

Question 19: What plant use is premise throughout the valleys? (Hint: you may entertain to pan encircling the vision).

A.   Commercial buildings

B.   Industrial complexes

C.   Agricultural fields

D.   Golf courses

From the video you guarded in the Introduction bisect of this Module, we avow that there are manifold caves and caverns in the Karst plantscapes of Florida.

Question 20: Would you wait-for to furnish manifold caves bestow in the mollify karst plantscape?

A.   Yes, accordingly caves are a beggarly indication of karst plantscapes

B.   No, accordingly erosion has unprotected the caves

C.   Yes, accordingly noble instil flattens form caves

D.   No, accordingly low instil flattens form caves

 Collapse and unrepress TOWER KARST LANDSCAPES




 Expand CAVES AND CAVERNS. The subjoined is a schedule of indecent of the most spectacular caves and caverns located in the universe. Click Longest cave to commence solutioning the subjoined inquirys.


Cave Name


Question 21: Longest Cave - This is the longest cave regularity in the universe, at aggravate 627 km

A.   Krubera Cave

B.   Mammoth Caves

C.   Gatrell Caves

D.   Antarctic Caves

A.   USA

B.   Canada

C.   Russia

D.   Australia

Question 22: Deepest Cave - This is the deepest cave in the universe, at 2,191 m

A.   Krubera Cave

B.   Mammoth Caves

C.   Gatrell Caves

D.   Lechuguilla Cave

A.   USA

B.   Georgia

C.   Russia

D.   France

Question 23: Scientists Merely - As bisect of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the ancient case and singular speleothems (cave deviseations) apportion merely cave scientists and geologists to entertain access

A.   Krubera Cave

B.   Mammoth Caves

C.   Gatrell Caves

D.   Lechuguilla Cave

A.   USA

B.   Spain

C.   Egypt

D.   Australia

Question 24: Religious Immeasurableness -This cave – arguably a religious immeasurableness to Paleolithic peoples- contains aggravate a thousand cave paintings, some of which bound tail 17,000 years

A.   Krubera Cave

B.   Mammoth Caves

C.   Lascaux Cave

D.   Lechuguilla Cave

A.   Russia

B.   France

C.   Canada

D.   Australia


 Collapse and uncheck CAVES AND CAVERNS.



 Expand the GROUNDWATER folder. Double‑click and primeeded Gray County, Kansas.

This is Gray County, Kansas. As you can ascertain from the core pivot irrigation circles, tillage is the dominant plant use in the county. The Arkansas Large stream – popular west to east – bisects the county. There is not abundance instil in the large stream to cater adapted instil for irrigation. Therefore, instil fountain for irrigation is premisewater.

We cannot see the aquifer that is supplying the instil for irrigation, but we do entertain polite notice that indicates the profundity of the instil board. In unconcealed, we feign the deeper the instil board, the deeper the polite.

 Double‑click and primeeded Well Depths.

This map shows the profundity of the instil board. It was formd using grounds from 100 polites. The further yellow the area, the shalinferior the polite and the further blue-colored, the deeper. The deepest polites entertain a profundity of closely 500 feet.

 Double‑click and primeed, Surface Profile. Right‑click Surface Profile, and then primeeded Show Superiority Profile.

This surface propolish verse is closely 25 miles in elongation and the superiority varies by 24 meters merely. This is not abundantly qualify in superiority aggravate 25 miles.

With the superiority propolish showing at the floor of the fence, run your cursor parallel the x-axis. Look at the collocation of the red arrow, referring-to to the polite profundity map.

Question 25: What is the homogeneity betwixt demeanor superiority and polite profundity?

A.   In unconcealed, the nobleer the plant superiority, the deeper the polite profundity

B.   In unconcealed, the inferior the plant superiority, the deeper the polite profundity

C.   In unconcealed, the nobleer the plant superiority, the shalinferior the polite profundity

D.   Unable to ascertain from vision


Question 26: What does this homogeneity intimate?

A.   In this area, premiseinstil flattens tends to mollify and lapse delay the topography of the plant

B.   In this area, premiseinstil flattens are referring-toly the same

C.   In this area, polites are merely bored where the premiseinstil flatten is neighboring the demeanor

D.   Unable to particularize.

 Double‑click and primeeded Withdrawal.

This is a map of the Noble Plains aquifer showing qualifys in the instil board flatten for a twenty year epoch (1980-1999). Green areas are referring-toly firmly-fixed, but as the falsification qualifys from yellow to red to pink, the flatten of the instil board lapses, aggravate 60 feet in the pink areas. The dominant plant use is tillage.

Question 27: Why is the instil flatten in some portions of the Noble Plains aquifer detriment? (Check all that use).

A.   Agricultural use is delaydrawing instil

B.   Recharge rates are short than delaydrawal rates

C.   Recharge rates are further than delaydrawal rates

D.   Unable to particularize





Circle of Blue. 2011. Accessed May 23, 2011.

Page 3. Photo: Groundinstil emerging from a limestone cave, Tennessee, USA (Photo politeness of Dr. Nancy Hoalst-Pullen)

Page 4. Photo: Mollify karst plantforms, Guangxi Province, China. (Photo politeness of Dr. Mark W. Patterson)

Page 5. Photo: Core pivot irrigation using premisewater. (Google Earth  at 38 05 18N, 99 02 48W)


Page 6. Photo: A presage denoting decrease from 1925-1977 in the San Joaquin Valley, California, USA. (USGS)

Page 7. Photo: Karst plantscape in southern France. (Wikimedia)



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