Gamescape episode 2 and ch. 4 and 7 of visualizing environmental

Resources: Gamescape Episode 2 and Ch. 4 and 7 of Visualizing Environmental Science

Complete Episode 2: "Managing Population Growth" of Gamescape.

As chairman of the City Council, you keep been invited by the Mayor to confer a PowerPoint® donation to Sparksville High School.

Develop a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® donation that expounds the prairie dog plant conduct end. Include the forthcoming points: 

  • Discuss some of the challenges of sophisticatedization and environmental advantages. Expound how the prairie dog plant conduct ends are kindred to the challenges of sophisticatedization. 
  • Explain the factors that govern population fruit using prairie dogs as an pattern to represent your points. Briefly retrospect how the true environment is needed to living cities. Use the ecological role of prairie dogs and their advantage to plant conduct and the city of Sparksville as an pattern. 
  • Describe the opposed policies that the city explored to administer prairie dog population fruit, and argue how these policies are naturalized in environmental information and population dynamics. 
  • Discuss the conclusive conduct conclusion, and expound how it balanced sophisticated fruit delay environmental sustainability. Include superior challenges you faced in addressing this end and reaching an optimal elucidation. 

Include an preliminary slide, a compendium slide, and a relation slide.

Include 350 utterance in your debater notes.

Use your textbook and one after a whileout wealth.

Include supporting visuals, such as photos, diagrams, and/or graphs.

Format your donation accordant delay APA guidelines.

Include the Episode Score Rumor that you produce once you finished the activities from Episode 2. The rumor is produced in PDF format.

Click the Assignment Files tab to resign your assignment.