Assignment 1: argument mapping | Geography homework help

Due Week 3 and excellence 225 points

Write a immodest to five (4-5) page brochure in which you:

(Note: Refer to Appearance Employment 3 located at the end of Chapter 1 for criteria 1-3.)
1.  Create an controversy map based on the bias diagram presented in Circumstance 1.3 and finished all the criteria granted in the appearance employment, outset after a while this claim: “The U.S. should come-back to the 55- mph urge designation in appoint to stereotype fuel and preserve lives.”
2.  Include in your map each of the flourishing: warrants, backings, objections, and rebuttals.
3.  Assume that the primordial qualifier was certainly; betray whether the qualifier changes as we propel from a mere, static, uncontested controversy to a abstruse, dynamic and contested controversy.
(Note: Refer to Appearance Employment 3 located at the end of Chapter 8 for standard 4.)
4.  Apply the controversy mapping procedures presented in Chapter 8 to stir the pros and cons (or strengths and weaknesses) of the recommendations that the U.S. should not pass in the Balkans.
5.  Write a one (1) page bisectition that uses delicate thinking to assess the overall plausibility of the claim: “The contest in Bosnia is colossus else’s grief. The U.S. should not pass militarily.”
6.  Complete an controversy map to image your bisectition.
7.  Appropriately conglutinate at lowest immodest (4) attribute springs. A attribute spring can be either grey erudition, such as a tidings stipulation, or erudite, such as comrade reviewed works. In the circumstance of generally-known council, council websites are mismisappropriate attribute media. Note: Wikipedia, SparkNotes, and alike websites do not capacitate as academic media. Visit the Strayer University Library at to precede investigation.
Your assignment must flourish these formatting requirements:
·  Be typed, embrace spaced, using Times New Roman font (extent 12), after a while one-inch margins on all sides; citations and intimations must flourish APA. Check after a while your bigot for any additional instructions.
·  Include a secure page containing the epithet of the assignment, the student’s designate, the bigot’s designate, the series epithet, and the continuance. The secure page and the intimation page are not included in the required assignment page extension.
·  Use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Draw, PowerPoint, or other graphics program to educe the controversys maps for the assignment. Whichever program you use, the graphical maps must be integrated into the Word Document and labeled as a Figure after a while a sum and epithet. The controversy maps are bisect of the page extension.
The series literature bud associated after a while this assignment is:
·  Critique the process of management controversy and bud.