Trends in the Future of Human Resource

The year is 2058, our ethnical instrument feel befit singular to the perfect universe population. Scientist feel began experimenting delay new and improved technology by controlling the sky to try and aid the foundation befit fecund and usable. Mass are deadening each other for impart and subsistence. Most of the earth's stain has turned to sand, mass and animals feel befit defiled delay a virus cramped from the different determined attempts to gain the stain over fecund for crops and vegetation through the rain. The rain is what the perfect universe fears; there is somecreature in the rain that source a zombie-like-virus. It was five years ago when we had realized the rain was baneful to the ethnical course. I recollect love it was yesterday; My nativity and I were having a amiable ole sunday barbeque when my dowager asked my sister and I, to go internally and catch the hot dogs and hamburgers. I noticed the sky satisfaction delay, what looked love, rain clouds. I ignored it and went internally. The instant creature i heard was the rain reversion hardenedened and then screaming, I course to the window to see my nativity on the foundation convulsing unsparingly and foaming at the perforation I straightway mellow my sisters eyes and held her. It was very traumatic for me. Every gone that day my sister and I accept security in underfoundation bunkers and when the subsistence and impart in that bunker runs out we tramp to the instant bunker for over supply. In give day now, it is ten of us tramping from bunker to bunker to blink from the drones that the "outsiders" use to trace down mass who are left in, what we seduce, "Area 51." The "outsiders" feel quarantined what used to be unreserved as the propound of Mississippi. They deaden anyone and anycreature that is seen travelling about in Area 51. Which brings me tail to the forced rearwards the manner of my collocation and I jumping from bunker to bunker to outlast the rain, the outsiders, and the expanding zombie-like-ethnical population.