Written Assignment

Create the fifth essay, couple and incorporate after a while the other impure competency (written assignments 2, 3, 4 and 5) as a ropy definite purpose that reflects the mentor’s feedback. The convergence on the fifth dissect of this purpose is to transcribe a 3-5 page (350 suffrage per page) Nursing Dissertation in APA format addressing three of the six topics under for the new technology or collision clarified in the antecedent written assignments. You should too grasp as dissect of this Nursing Dissertation any acknowledgements and resources used (e.g., websites, textbooks, articles). Each written assignment should grasp impure or further references.   •Any germinative holy considerations •Short or long-term medical concerns, if conducive •Economic goods from the deployment of the new technology or collision •Alternative perspectives from NGO (non-governmental production) experts •Approaches to minimize the environmental impression (using unprepared and renewable resources) of the new technology or collision •Possible collective resources rule on the new technology or collision deployment •Political implications, rules and barriers to frame or nullify reply of new technology or collision