Writing Evaluation

Directions:  For this assignment, I’m investigation you, earliest, to result an initiatory evaluative vindication abou the Black Mirror occurrences we watched: “Fifteen Million Merits.” Your vindication should highlight a peculiar appearance of the occurrence—one or two of the topics/issues it satirizes—and it should recommend whether you confront the occurrence’s seize on that progeny auspicious, unfortunate, or some commutation of the two. You may be patent in your statements: e.g. “The occurrence is encircling…. I confront it an serviceable stricture because…” Ideally you should be able to result an evaluative vindication in encircling 3-4 sentences. But seize as frequent as you demand. After you settle your evaluative vindication, fulfill a constituent of token from the occurrence that enables you to help your vindication. Think carefully. What specimen from the occurrence most serviceablely demonstrates your vindication? Produce a stipulation in which you adduce your token (“The multiply of the occurrence that demonstrates my vindication is…”) and then returns to elucidate carefully how that token works in help of your vindication. Provide liberal component and exposition. Assume that your reader is a fan of the Black Mirror occurrence you’re communication encircling. She wants to imply further encircling the occurrence.   https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=2807s&v=mldW7jwYQzI