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WRITING INSTRUCTIONS Page 1: Epithet Page Centered: Name Epithet of Assignment (Managerial Roles) Font: Times New Roman, 12 Double interinterspace Page requirement: In restoration to, the epithet page, 3-4 pages of written gratified is expected. This excludes any copy/pasted materials (see: Q4). Insert page collection – bottom QUESTIONS 1- 5: 20 points each 1.Describe ways that technology and collective instrument bear progressive the roles of managers since Mintzberg’s fashionable con-over in the 1960s. 2.Discuss how increasing multiformity and globalization are mitigated to impression the roles that managers must embody. 3.What roles must the CEO Matt Salzberg housings to accomplish constructional goals? You must use illustrations from the video touching the union “Blue Apron” to relieve in sympathetic this investigation. 4.Using the textbook’s style of the roles that managers must embody successfully, the restorational media supposing overhead and any beyond media, define the managerial roles the pose requires. You must conceive the model of role and how the job characteristics devote to each job requirement. Support your replies. If you would enjoy to deduce another union and another job to irritate, fascinate email me via blackboard (Dr. Chapa). https://www.blueapron.com/pages/tech-and-corporate-jobs Open the incorporate. Select one of the poses at Blue Apron and reconsideration the job characteristics. Copy them to your counterpart anteriorly replying to Investigation #4. An illustration follows. I copied/pasted the epithet of the pose. Then, I copied and pasted the job requirements, which are labeled “What’s on the menu?” Senior Manager, FP&A WHAT'S ON THE MENU • “Work air-tight delay Acquisition Marketing and Demand Forecasting to educe compatible updates to the union's financial prospect • Perform weekly and monthly estrangement partition of budgeted/forecasted counter explicit financial achievement, obviously interpreting and documenting estrangements and making suggestions to enlighten commencement sentence making • Understand marketing key achievement indicators and trust the team answerable to providing the best prospect practicable • Support division heads delay monthly financial and operational achievement reconsiderations, articulating the “story” involved by the analytical findings 4 • Consistently spearhead ad hoc analyses encircling marketing and proceeds scenarios, construction marketing willingness metrics as polite as consume implications • Foster entrepreneurial spirt opposing the union and direct cultural awareness towards developing FP&A to be the heartbeat of the construction.” 5.Given the textbook’s style of the roles that managers must embody successfully, does a managerial line probe thrilling to you? What role(s) do you deem you are most competent to exercitation? Explain your pose.