writing assignment English 1301

After lection the items in the folder aloft allied to Beyoncé, fascinate reply to twain magnitude below: Part 1: When you primeval peruse Berlatsky's designation, what was your reaction? Were you cogent to experience his main dispute? What aspects of his dispute did you accord after a conjuncture or disaccord after a conjuncture? Part 2: After lection the two issue essays, did your perspective encircling the designation diversify? Did you see aspects of the designation that you didn't notice before? Do you accord after a conjuncture the responses from either of the issue essays? https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/05/beyonce-sex-terrorist-a-menace-for-conservatives-and-liberals-alike/362085/ I insufficiency at last 400 say  we insufficiency to use at last 2 say in red citation conjuncture writing this assignment  These are the wordbook say for this individual.  Remember to solder them into your Discussion Board in this individual. Conviction          Impression          Misconception           Perspective Profound            Inherent              Inveterate                  Amenable Impinge              Subversion         Aesthetic