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  Introduction For a absolute judgment it is either a interrogation of taking one track or another track. After a while multifaceted judgments it can be a past involved manner consequently, one judgment may like the consequence of another judgment and/or immorality versa. In making judgments there to-boot could be doubt and the amount of an doubt could like the judgments. Activity Instructions To collect environing judgment trees in interest inaugurate examination among the TU library databases and likely Internet resources to expound the following: Discuss the concept of a judgment tree. Outline its end in interest. Explain the advantages and disadvantages balance other judgment techniques Describe how doubt is depicted among the tree and how it is considered among the tree to execute judgments. Draw a judgment tree making at meanest a 3-level judgment: Explain the judgment the tree is depicting, and how the tree can be utilized to execute the judgment When sketch the judgment tree, you can use the features in Microsoft Signal among your Nursing essay or pull the tree on Nursing essay, engage a delineate of the tree, and suggest the delineate into the signal muniment. If you are not free after a while the tools in Microsoft Word, it may be absoluter to pull the judgment tree. If you pull the tree and engage a delineate, execute firm you execute the sketch wide plenty, the sketch is calligraphic and the delineate you engage is lucid and focused. Writing and Submission Requirements 2-3 pages (approx. 300 signals per page), not including inscription page or references page Minimum of 2 references