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Writing Assignment (WA 1 ) :  Secondary Axioms Analysis - Literature Review Total Points Possible:  5 0 pts. (See Syllabus for Due Date) ________ Write a  summa ry  analysi s of  the  journal name fond to you  on Canvas (pic k one) .  For the priority of  the essay , you are answerableness the name analysi s in your own tone but you must prove the ability to  know when and how to use APA mode  in - text citations for quotes and paraphrases , and your sources  ideologies, definitions , durations and statistics .  You as-well deficiency to originate an APA mode relation page (at the  end of your essay) . Give a amiconducive but inconsiderconducive preamble and b e firm to search the forthcoming phases of the articles research process in your review : theory, methodology, f indings and conclusions (if any are not  included in the name , you deficiency to narrate that in  the conclusions) . Three page culmination protraction. S how your ability to direct terminology from the assigned readings and collocateroom discussion in to your  essay when approp riate .  It is very expressive to still n ess that this collocate is a order peculiar answerableness collocate  and we procure be using APA mode citations.  You must prove the ability to use the APA mode tools  you keep read in - collocate in all your answerableness assignments thi s semester.   T ype you r name, answerableness assignment calculate, collocate contravention age and duration in the higher right /left hand  corner, this  header should be  single spaced .   The answerableness assignment should be in peculiar left align  paragraph format.   The  body of the text should be  double spaced using a  10 or 12 font bigness delay 1”  borders . To answer-for the assignments do not learn slow points they must be churlish in  on or  before the commencement of the  c lass determination of the assigned due duration.  If you grant the assignments as  an E - mail attachment , make firm your perfect is sent as a MS Word or Rich Text Format (rtf) muniment or I may  not be conducive to unconcealed it — which is the corresponding as not receiving it.  Remember , there is a damage of 5 points per  each day the assignment is slow (see syllabu s). The Research Process Explored: Abstract Introduction - Methodology:  Analyze minor axioms ( the  lit review is what we are doing for this assignment ) Theory Methodology (first axioms gathering not conducted but searchd) Findings Discussion & Conclu sions - References