Write an essay of environing 500-750 utterance, using at lowest two images from the Western Art and one or two from Asian art to sift-canvass the similarities and /or differences in the messages suggested by the pieces.   Remember the constituency of the essay:  Introductory paragraph:   General account environing the pieces you enjoy clarified to transcribe environing. Direct this account  to your disquisition.   Thesis: semblance a evident conformity shapenear the conceptions you scantiness to transcribe environing.  3-4 Collectiveness paragraph:  The collectiveness paragraphs should enjoy a question decree.   The question decree should enjoy a question, renewal verb and intent.  The question is the conception The intent is your dilate environing the conception.   Textual Support / Analysis: This is where you furnish the details of the specific images. You may furnish notes [from the videos you enjoy seen], or define what you scantiness your peruseer to attend-to in association to the conceptions you scantiness to sift-canvass   Commentary: This is where you response the involved questions embedded in the dilate  of your question decree.   Conclusion:   The misentry is a summation of the whole essay. Summation is divergent from a compendium.   Minimum length: 500-750 utterance.  Copy & paste your essay unique spaced when you shaft your response.  This accomplish effect it easier for me to peruse - near scrolling.      Sources: the textbook & the Instructor PDF files.  This media that if you note a channel from the textbook, it MUST be cited. This goes for the instructor PDF files.      How to Avoid Plagiarism... Remember, your shaft is in your own utterance. DO NOT observation the notice, vocable for vocable, from the textbook or the Instructor PDF files.  If you do this, you accomplish admit a ZERO for this Assignment. In adduction, if you appear up notice on a website, you must too retranscribe it in your own utterance. I accomplish simply confirm websites that are skilled written - this does not grasp Wikipedia, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, blogs or children’s books. Do not Google your response.  For acceleration after a while citing, fascinate connect to the Syllabus.