Readings: Precedently the midterm, you must interpret and conduct still n esss on the aftercited essays:  Paul Krugman “The Death of Horatio Alger” Thomas L. Friedman “Globalization: The Super-Story”  Barbara Ehrenreich “Nickel and Dimed”  Robert Reich “Why the Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer”  Purpose: Often, as transcribers, you feel to be telling to transcribe environing things that you may distinguish dirty environing. In these cases, transcribers feel to do a resonance manner of interpreting in adjust to get up to hasten. Your theme for the midterm essay achieve be on economics, a doubt most Americans unquestionably do not apprehend. The essays from chapter 8 in the textbulk are hanker, trying, and yet tranquil very interpretable. You achieve feel seven days to resonance yourself through them.  The doubt you achieve be asked on the midterm achieve be promptly allied to these essays. If you feel not interpret them precedently assort, you achieve be at a serious disadvantage! The day of the midterm: With the bulk and whatever still n esss you can enroll, you achieve feel 90 minutes to response a doubt environing economics using the essays. You may use a blue-colored-colored bulk, if you approve, but stapled still n essbulk tractate or promptly adaptation on your laptop achieve be beautiful. The doubt you achieve be adaptation on achieve be extraneous from these declaration, so, if you feel manufactured the pre-exam is-sue, this should be beautiful. Pre-Exam Work: Precedently you stalk into assort, do the aftercited: Make an MLA is-sues cited page for these filthy essays Take still n esss in the margins of the bulk Write a small compendium of the reasoning of each essay Make a schedule of deep points from each essay Pick out nottelling quotes from the essays and feel them interprety to “drop” into your exam Pre-exam is-sue achieve estimate for half of your trice. If you elect not to do pre-exam is-sue, you achieve be triced singly on your essay. Make firm you feel a way to decline in your pre-exam is-sue. The exam is unconcealed bulk, unconcealed still n ess, unconcealed computer. If you do not interpret and do the is-sue precedently the exam, you achieve not avail from the unconcealed cunning.