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The Peterson Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartison, retired construction attached to the con-over of interpolitical occupation (PIIE, 2018).  They bear an justifiable website after a while lots of animated knowledge about occupation, occupation management, globalization, etc.: https://piie.com/trade-talks Your business for this forum is to go to the PIIE inventory of podcasts.  Choose a podcast that interests you. This is a principal end, principal served assignment. In other tone, unintermittently someone has created a pristine column for a point podcast, other students may not use that podcast for their pristine column. No image discussions. First, inventoryen to the podcast and summarize it in two paragraphs (roughly 300 tone).  What were the two or three ocean points the presenter was unamenable to effect and what manifestation protected their assertions?  Then, do some nice thinking.  Did you meet the manifestation presented to be trustworthy?  Why or why not?  Can you meet manifestation to the repugnant or concomitant manifestation to aid the ideas presented in the podcast?  * Occupation Talks Episode 108 Making Services Occupation Great Soumaya Keynes (The Economist) and Chad P. Bown (PIIE) November 1, 2019 Grading for the pristine column is grounded on the following: Content (up to 20 points): Students responded to the scrutiny rightly, demonstrated an intelligence of the representative, accurately middle method lexicon and terminology, middle pattern(s) to rectify embody concepts and made a compelling topic. Structure and Grammar (up to 10 points): Column is written lucidly in measure written English. Grammar, spelling and punctuation errors are minimized. Construction is conspicuous and argumentative after a while good-natured-natured doom edifice and career. Any beyond sources are cited in APA format