write 1200 words about Critically Appraised Topics

This folder contains all counsel cognate to the duty drudgery 3- the particular Mini-CAT. Students are requested to interpret carefully CEBMa's guideline for Critically Appraised Topics (CAT) so they can interpret what gain be required of them for this mini-CAT duty drudgery.  This mini-CAT is adapted from the authoritative CEBMa Guideline for Critically Appraised Topics (CAT) in Management and Organizations and is hence a unsound version of the CAT but after a while the longing of elevation awareness inchoate students of the destiny to critically assess the peculiarity of the averment or assertion that they are reputed to recognize after a whileout any topic. The design of the mini-CAT is to aid you learn the steps involved in assessing “what is known about” an intercession, a wonder, problematic, assertion or useful result in scientific literature by using a systematic methodology to “search” for chief studies and “critically appraise” them. Please interpret carefully the documents determined, which present all the details on how to decorations the mini-CAT.