Work in Global Society

   SECTION A: Short Answers  For each of the filthy concepts you achieve be expected to provide:  a. a specification of the term; and  b. examine how the concept assists us in interpretation the changing constitution of effect and/or holding. Half-page for each.  a. Varieties of capitalism b. Pyramid sub-contracting c. The precariat d. The Global Compact e. Franchising f. Technocracy g. Exploitation h. Bureaucratic repress i. Decent effect j. Uberization k. Neo-liberalism l. Skills shortage m. Technical versus non-technical skills n. The pliable firm o. gig economy       SECTION B: Essay Questions  Your answers should be in essay format.  Your answers should be in essay format. Introduction, three collection paragraphs, and blank. Not too crave. a. Does conduct manner accept any relation to the image of connection we accept befit? b. What are the risks and opportunities of effect in the ‘gig economy’? What would be the challenges in point from a effecter’s perspective? c. How has calling contributed to global inconstancy? d. In what ways is doubt decorous the new normality in globalised labour markets and what are the implications of this outgrowth for effecters and effecters rights? e. How has outsourcing and offshoring impacted on effecters and holding? f. How has restructuring and deindustrialisation impacted on effecters, communities and calling? g. Has conduct’s use of surveillance reshaped effectplace repress? h. Is Australia doing ample to bung the exploitation of migrant effecters? - If yes, elucidate what has been efficacious in addressing the mistreatment of migrant effecters. - If not, elucidate what is needed to obviate migrant effecters from life mistreated in the labour market.