wk2 worksheetVeal

  You chose monalisa. Response the doubt . Artifact Dissection Worksheet An artifact is celebrity made by a ethnical.  It can be a shape of art or a shape of self-expression that has signification to you. It can be everything that a ethnical conceived of as art and deliberately crafted.  For this assignment, you are being asked to portion-out your artifact delay your rankmates. Please regard this as you chosen your artifact by choosing celebrity you are commodious sharing and avoiding theoretically unsavory representative.  In the Learning Resources area, there is too a instrument on “reading” images and quotation. It involves divers doubts which can influence deeper dissection of your artifact.    Share your artifact   or a integrate to your artifact in the interval underneath.  Include a   description of the artifact and involve scrutiny on the elucidation of the   artifact. For issue, counsel encircling the master compromised.  *** Make secure to   cite your sources by including a inventory of any outsides sources of counsel   you are using to response this doubt. Remember, scrutiny is regularly a amiable   thing as it shows endeavor.      What does this   artifact medium to you? Please teach. To study this, regard these subjoined doubts:  How has it inspired or moved you? Has this artifact helped   make your personality or the personality of others reform? How does it cohere to your personality   or to the educational tour you are starting concurrently delay your rankmates?       Many mob own artifacts displayed in their home; for   example, a established painting on their mound. In a way, we’ll be creating a   virtual gallery of artifacts by sharing our daintys as a rank in the Rank   DocSharing area.  How does your   artifact fit into our rank gallery? How do you reckon your artifact communicates your personality perspective to   the rank? How do you reckon others   will represent your dainty of artifact?      Discuss in your own   words, how technology has newfangled ethnical art making and ethnical art sharing. How do you, or could you, use technology in   making your own art?