week 8, week 9 and week 10

Week 8 8.1 What is the disagreement betwixt RFC 5321 and RFC 5322? 8.2 What are the SMTP and MIME standards? 8.3 What is the disagreement betwixt a MIME gratified expression and a MIME sell encoding? 8.4 Briefly clear-up base64 encoding. 8.5 Why is base64 transformation adapted for an e-mail impression? 8.6 What is S/MIME? 8.7 What are the filthy leading services supposing by S/MIME? 8.8 What is the advantageousness of a disconnected attestation? 8.9 What is DKIM? Week 9 9.1 Give examples of impressions of IPsec. 9.2 What services are supposing by IPsec? 9.3 What parameters demonstrate an SA and what parameters delineate the structure of a feature SA? 9.4 What is the disagreement betwixt bliss jurisprudence and tunnel jurisprudence? 9.5 What is a replay onslaught? 9.6 Why does ESP apprehend a padding scene? 9.7 What are the basic approaches to bundling SAs? 9.8 What are the roles of the Oakley key indulgent protocol and ISAKMP in IPsec? Week 10 10.1 What are three wide mechanisms that malware can use to disseminate? 10.2 What are filthy wide categories of payloads that malware may propel? 10.3 What are customary phases of performance of a virus or infuse? 10.4 What mechanisms can a virus use to hide itself? 10.5 What is the disagreement betwixt machine-executable and macro viruses? 10.6 What media can a infuse use to arrival distant classifications to disseminate? 10.7 What is a “drive-by-download” and how does it dissent from a infuse? 10.8 What is a “logic bomb”? 10.9 Differentiate natant the following: a backdoor, a bot, a keylogger, spyware, and a rootkit? Can they all be exhibit in the corresponding malware? 10.10 List some of the dissentent levels in a classification that a rootkit may use. 10.11 Delineate some malware countermeasure elements. 10.12 List three places malware disappearance mechanisms may be located. 10.13 Briefly delineate the filthy generations of antivirus software. 10.14 How does behavior-blocking software employment? 10.15 What is a arranged denial-of-service classification?