Week 8 Assignment 4 Submission

  Click the concatenate aggravate to succumb your assignment. Students, gladden purpose the "Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment" in the Student Center. Instructors, inoculation on how to space is amid the Preceptor Center. Assignment 4: Designing and Developing an e-Learning Continuity – Part 2 Due Week 8 and merit 200 points Preparation:   Click close to approximation the CourseSites Tutorial Series. Go to the Continuity conditions Webcondition and go through the tutorials to succor familiarize yourself after a while Blackboard. Subjoined concatenates and tutorials may be profitable in the continuity shell. You get use this Webcondition to generate your continuity. https://www.coursesites.com/webapps/Bb-sites-course-creation-BBLEARN/pages/getstarted.html Scenario:  In this assignment, you are required to guile, disclose, and tool a  mini-online, six (6) week continuity, using the Continuity Management System  (CMS), Blackboard. The theme subject of the continuity must be liked by  the adequitable preceptor supposing in feedback of Assignment 3: Proposed  Course for Development Part 1. Write a filthy to six (4-6) page monograph in which you: Part A Continuity Pleased – Described Revise Assignment 3 fixed on feedback from your adherent. Name the continuity and arrange an ID. Provide a continuity denomination after a while three (3) goals and a welcoming proposition. List  one (1) or two (2) required teachingal materials for the continuity and  at meanest three (3) minor materials (in APA format), providing a  rationale for each.   List three to five (3-5) literature outcomes for the chief three (3) weeks of teaching. Recommend three to filthy (3-4) teachingal strategies to be used in the continuity, providing a rationale for each. Design  a weekly list for these chief three (3) weeks that includes: (a)  Topic(s) and (b) literature outcomes that are aligned after a while the subject-matters. Include in the weekly list (a) two (2) argument inquirys for each of the three (3) weeks and (b) required activities. List two (2) assignments: (a) a five (5) -inquiry ridicule and (b) a agreement assignment.   Your written assignment must ensue these formatting requirements: Be  typed, enfold spaced, using Times New Roman font (magnitude 12), after a while  one-inch margins on all planes; citations and relations must ensue APA.  Check after a while your adherent for any subjoined teachings. Include  a screen page containing the epithet of the assignment, the student’s  name, the adherent’s spectry, the continuity epithet, and the era. The screen  page and the relation page are not included in the required assignment  page elongation. Part B Blackboard Shell – Developed     Directions: Go to continuitysites.com. Click on the Sign Up concatenate (top equitable cavity) and elect liberty “As Instructor.” Complete the Sign Up regularity. Choose Generate New Course. Name the continuity (e.g., John Smith_Introduction to Social Science). Provide Continuity ID (e.g., JohnSmith_ISS100). Provide a continuity denomination after a while three (3) goals.      Directions: In the Enrollment Options, choice the liberty “Instructor-Controlled” Click on the concatenate “Save and Continue” concatenate (bleak hue) Skip Invite Students. Click on Customize Continuity concatenate (bleak hue) Provide  a welcoming proposition on the Home Page in the continuity condition you equitable  created by clicking on the “more propositions” concatenate at the floor of  box epithetd “My Announcement.” Build  three (3) pleased areas using the Pleased area in the ocean menu on the  left plane of the screen: (threaten mouse aggravate “+” > click on Pleased  Area), naming the pleased areas: Week1 Content, Week 2 Pleased and Week 3  Content (Make enduring you hinder the box “Available to users.”) . Create  one ace in each pleased area that has an sturdy three to filthy (3-4)  completed PowerPoints slides pertaining to the pleased of your  mini-course.      Directions: Go to the Instruction concatenate (Left Continuity Menu) and generate the required continuity elements listed next: List  the one or two (1 or 2) required teachingal materials and at meanest  three (3) minor materials. Spectry this ace “Instructional and  Supplemental Materials.” List  three to five (3-5) literature outcomes for the chief three (3) weeks of  instruction. Spectry this ace “Learning Outcomes: Weeks 1-3.” Build  a weekly list for these three (3) weeks that includes: (a) subject-matter(s)  and (b) literature outcomes that are aligned after a while these subject-matters. Spectry this  ace “Weekly Schedule: Weeks 1-3.”     Directions: Go to the Discussions area in the left continuity Menu. Create a Forum in the Discussions area and spectry it Week 1-3 Discussion. Post two (2) argument inquirys by creating a new manner for each inquiry.     Directions: Create  another Pleased Area (threaten mouse aggravate “+” > click on Pleased Area)  in the Left Continuity Menu and spectry it Assessments (Make enduring you hinder the  box “ Profitable to users.”).  Then use the Assessments descend down menu  to generate a ridicule by choosing Test and a agreement assignment by choosing  Assignment. Create: (a) a five (5) inquiry ridicule and (b) a agreement assignment in the Assessments concatenate. The particular continuity literature outcomes associated after a while this assignment are: Design an online literature trial. Plan the instrument required to assistance an online literature trial. Use technology and instruction instrument to inquiry issues in system and custom of e-Learning. Write palpably and concisely about system and custom of e-Learning using fair agreement mechanics. Click close to purpose the grading rubric for this assignment