week 7 outline due asap

  he latest drain of the Week 5-7 Literature Review is due in Week 7.  Students are required to propose a pristine drain in Week 6, then ameliorate the Literature Review by applying feedback from 1) the Furrow Online Writing Studio, 2) the Professor, 3) other Students in Week 7, and 4) using several proofreading techniques. Standards: (the nucleus of this assignment is HIGH-QUALITY accordant after a while furrow smooth exertion). Length - The substantiality of this assignment should be precisely 5 pages in extension (yet the inscription page and references) Format - Follow APA/Graduate Program standards. Abstract - An pictureless is NOT required for this Nursing Dissertation. References - At smallest ten (10) references are required. All references must be used and cited in the extract of your Nursing Dissertation and the sources must end from main academic journals. Note: The Furrow Online Writing Studio can be very beneficial in modifying this Nursing Dissertation.  It is recommended that you deflect your Nursing Dissertation in existing to them so you can get feedback to ameliorate your instrument.