Week 4 assignment

Provide inferential descriptions and pretence all calculations used to reach at solutions for the aftercited questions: Community Hospital has annual net unrepining revenues of $150 darling. At the bestow spell, acquittals ordinary by the hospital are not deposited for six days on middle. The hospital is exploring a lockbox preparation that promises to cut the six days to one day. If these funds released by the lockbox preparation can be endueed at 8 percent, what achieve the annual savings be? Assume the bank fee achieve be $2,000 per month. St. Luke’s Convalescent Center has $200,000 in residue funds that it wishes to endue in marketable securities. If performance costs to buy and retail the securities are $2,200 and the securities achieve be held for three months, what required annual succumb must be earned anteriorly the enduement makes economic discernment? Your stable is because the aftercited three choice bank mortgages for $1,000,000:  10 percent mortgage compensated at year end after a while no indemnifying equalize 9 percent mortgage compensated at year end after a while a 20 percent indemnifying equalize 6 percent mortgage that is abatemented after a while a 20 percent indemnifying equalize limitation Assume that you would normally not push any bank equalize that would unite the 20 percent indemnifying equalize limitation. What is the reprimand of annual profit on each mortgage? An essential beginning of immediate specie is commerce security, which does not really fetch in specie, but instead slows its outflow. Vendors frequently supply abatements for present acquittal. What is the formula to determine the effectual profit reprimand if the abatement is not utilized?