Week 3

   Population Genetics 1. Visit https://sepuplhs.org/high/sgi/teachers/evolution_act11_sim.html  2. Click “Next” 3. Select the forthcoming characteristics of your exquisite for Bird 1: Plumage, Body Size, Beak.  4. Click “Next Bird” 5. Repeat for Birds 2 and 3. 6. Click “Next”.  7. Decipher the extract and Click “Continue”. 8. Decipher the extract and rejoin to the question:    Of those that you chosen, how fit do you judge each   phenotype is in the popular environment? 9. Click “Continue” 10. Decipher the extract and click “Close” 11. Click “Start” 12. The euphuism succeed run and then bung at strategic intervals to promulgate you new notice. Each space it bungs, decipher the extract, compel any observations, and then click “Resume”. 13. Repeat until you gain the end of the euphuism (500,000 years passed). 14. Click “Continue”.  15. Observe the notice and decipher the extract. Answer the forthcoming questions:    Were your ideas encircling the appurtenancy of each phenotype you   chosen rectify? Explain. 16. If you would affect, you may live the euphuism. However, you may now end the euphuism if you appropriate.  17. Consider your decipherings from this week encircling Evolution and Population of record.     How do your observations report to the decipherings from this   week?