Week 2 D2 Due 04/04/19 by midnight

 Selecting Marketing Strategies This argument earn acknowledge you to imagine contenteded for your Final Project respecting the use of an misapply marketing policy. Marketing strategies stipulate inclination for marketing efforts that buttress the goals of the strategic cunning. As picturesquely in Chapter 7, there are three basic marketing strategies: Undifferentiated Strategy Focus Market Strategy Segmented Strategy For this argument, you earn selected an misapply marketing policy for each of the forthcoming long-term prudence forms: Happy Valley Health Prudence is an 80-bed, bucolic long-term prudence form delay trivial to no race. Over the years, the form has been conducive to converge the needs of its marginalized customer deep and stipulate long-term prudence, useful prudence, and corporeal therapy to its patients. Sunny Valley Health Prudence is a 150-bed, oppidan long-term prudence form that specializes in renal prudence, cardiac patients, and useful prudence for orthopedic patients undergoing knee and hip vindication surgery. Green Acres Health Prudence is a 300-bed, vital city long-term prudence form that specializes in caring for olden patients delay dementia repeatedly associated delay Alzheimer’s indisposition and traumatic brain injuries.   For your primal shaft, Selected one biased marketing policy for each of the long-term prudence forms famous overhead. In your shaft, expound the forthcoming: Why you chose the policy for that long-term prudence form Which of the three marketing strategies would best fit the goals of your selected HCO How the policy would be applied to your marketing cunning