week 2 apa format /works cited/ 1-2 paragraphs

In the contingency, “Norway: Comparing Internally Consistent HR at the Airport Express Train, Oslo, Norway, and Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX, USA,” the two companies enjoy very common processes cognate to the power of their interior HR programs. After a while that said, intend structural factors that dominion season an form’s ability to replicate or advert the HR programs at Airport Express Train and Southwest. Then yield two recommendations for how an form after a while these structural factors dominion poweren its interior HR programs to yield meliorate density and ameliorate productivity. Your moderate column must encounter APA guidelines as explained in the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an apparent seat.) and understand at meanest one (1) scholarly relation from route materials. The two response columns to your partner learners must be commonly comprehensible and should harangue two of the forthcoming bullet points: Critique and/or stretch the recommendations made. Pose or response a theme (in element) columned by another learner or the tutor. Provide comprehensive additional counsel on the theme that is befriended and cited in APA format. Share an ancilla identical knowledge.