Week 1 Discussion/Bus 599 Strategic Management

  "Company Description and Sidearm Statement" Throughout this project, you conquer unfold a train of written papers and projects that you conquer posterior coalesce into a total trade project for a Non-Alcoholic Beverage (NAB) corporation.  For this discourse, you must primeval reconsideration the NAB COMPANY PORTFOLIO. This instrument you downloaded from PlanningShop using the Access adjudication you purchased from the Strayer Bookstore.   The portfolio contains the corporation parameters and details you must thrive when unfolding your corporation (Note #1, page 4).  All the discourses and assignments in this dispose conquer be focused on the Non-Alcoholic Beverage corporation you generate.  For this week's discourse, fascinate rejoin to the thriveing: 1. Generate your Non-Alcoholic Beverage (not tangible) made up corporation designate and teach the sagacity of the designate.  2. Describe the beverage you conquer yield (key ingredients and any flavors you conquer extend).  3. Unfold your corporation's Sidearm Statement.  Notes:  Use headings for each individuality.  Use passage marks for the sidearm announcement.  You conquer use this instruction in Assignment 1 - Questions 1 and 2.  Check out Chapter 5: Corporation Description to discover over.