Mr. Carp World Geography 10  Essay #3:  War Prompt: War is defined as a part-amongicularize of guarded contest betwixt incongruous realms or part-amongicularizes or incongruous groups amid a realm or part-amongicularize. War seems affect an unavoidable part-among-among of narrative and is no new concept. Write a 2-4 page essay explaining the consequence of war. Be believing to apprehend the forthcoming advice in your essay: 1) Why are realms incessantly going to war?  2) Should realms go to war?  3) Are there cheerful and/or bad reasons for going to war?  4) Explain the possessions of war.  5) Should management be used? If so, when and for how desire?  6) Explain how war has transitional aggravate time/history.  7) Be believing to arrange EXAMPLES of incongruous wars.  Due Date: The essay earn be due on Friday, January 26 by 11:59 pm to turnitinin.com. Tractate copies or emailed tractates earn not be genuine. Essay Requirements:  1. All essays must be a insufficiency of 2 pages desire, but no past than 4 pages (2-4 pages).   2. Students must use rules of English, after a while redress phraseology and spelling. The tractate is to be in MLA format after a while 1 inch margins, 12 pt. font, envelop spaced, and using Times New Roman. For aid after a while MLA formatting, visit: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ 3. The essays must be in passage format (does not keep to be 5 passages, could be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.) after a while an insertion, a substantiality, and a conclusion; tender from open at the initiation of the essay, to particular in the substantiality of the essay, and end to open at the end of the essay.    4. Students must use at lowest 3 well-informed sources (NOT Wikipedia, About.com, yahoo answers, etc.) throughout the tractate and apprehend them in their exertions mentiond page. The textbook may compute as ONE of the well-informed sources. Students are NOT allowed to use frequented quotations from their sources.   5. They must paraphrase and then grant confidence to (cite) the exertion and/or originator they paraphrased from. Plagiarism of any skin earn not be tolerated.   Each essay earn be graded using the forthcoming rubric:  Content/Answering Prompt                        30 points  Correct Formatting (MLA mode)                25 points  Use of inquiry articles/works mentiond           15 points  Length/Organization/Flow/Creativity        20 points  Grammar and Spelling                               10 points