Mark Hunger was the prophylactic controller at Grand Central Sanitation. On September 7, Hunger “became aware” that imperilled materials consisting of blasting caps were nature deposited into refuse containers at Shu-Deb, Inc. Grand Central cool refuse from these containers and dumped it at a dump seat. Hunger knew that Grand Central was not licensed to direct of imperilled materials and believed that it would profane particularize and/or federal law if the concourse enraptured or directd of imperilled materials. Hunger besides became solicitous encircling the prophylactic of concourse employees from the insecurity of transporting blasting caps. On September 9, Hunger known Grand Central’s proprietor and fault moderator, Gary Perin, of the notification he current encircling the blasting caps. On September 12, Hunger, accompanied by Pennsylvania particularize police and agents of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, went to inquiry the discontinuance of Shu-Deb’s containers. However, the refuse had already been cool, so Hunger and the police located the refuse barter that had cool the refuse and inquiryed it. No imperilled materials were root in the barter. On October 4, Hunger was terminated consequently of the clear. Hunger sued Grand Central for iniquitous conclusion. What are the arguments that Hunger was iniquitously terminated? What are the arguments that Hunger was legally terminated?