W6 Assignment “Vacation”

W6 Assignment "Vacation"  .      Introduction to Modern Art       Arteffect Review  Answer all three of the aftercited questions per effect of art shown underneath. You should relation your magnitude to aid you in correspondent these questions. Answers should be in essay format, be a insufficiency of three-five passages each, and include at lowest three provisions from the interpreter for each effect.  1.“Painting”    ◦Who is the master? ◦Which issue does this accord to and what declaration does it reach? ◦What may own inspired the picture of the manly likeness?    2.“Flowers on Body”    ◦What issues did this master address in her effect? ◦What order does this feature picture suit to? ◦What themes does this picture address?    2.“Backs”    •What materials did the master use in her effects? •How is this delegated-to-others of her effect? •What do the forms propose in this effect?  Grading Criteria Assignments Maximum Points   Meets or exceeds periodical assignment criteria 40  Demonstrates an mind of information concepts 20  Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts 30  Uses right mechanics, punctuation, passage texture, and spelling 10  Total 100