W5 Discussion

Noreen, E., Brewer, P., & Garrison, R. (2016). Managerial accounting for managers. (4th ed.). McGraw-Hill  ISBN:  9781308886718   #1 In section six, the authors showed how the ABC contact was used in the fabric assiduity, comparing three molds of rebar used for particular fabric projects. It was shown that the association had undercosted two of the molds of rebar, occasion the third mold of rebar was overcosted. Delay this stance in memory, regard the aftercited issues. Why is the ABC pictorial in the balbutiation this week, unacceptable for outer financial reports? In what primary ways does ABC dissent from transmitted costing methods, such as those pictorial in Section 4? Why are top conduct buttress and cross-functional involvement probing when attempting to utensil an ABC classification? #2 This week, you were asked to vestibule a enumerate of videos and websites. These are immense instrument to aid you understand the materials this week. Regard what mold of means you meet most aidful in understanding new materials (videos, stances, extract, etc). Then regard which theme you struggled delay the most this week. Total an online inquiry for a new means that conciliate aid you delay that theme. For stance, if you understand invest from videos and you struggled delay the theme wrap record accounting, then total an online inquiry for “wrap record accounting videos”. If you understand best by stances, inquiry for “wrap record accounting stances”. Select one of the items you meet in your inquiry that you rest distinctly aidful in understanding the theme you struggled delay the most and column a compendium of the means and a integrate to the means. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDycx2hJ6tg http://smallbusiness.chron.com/traditional-costing-vs-activitybased-costing-33724.html http://www.accountingcoach.com/blog/taditional-method-cost-accounting Cite and summarize the means APA.