Video and Disruption Report Assignment

 ITECH 1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Tribute Undertaking – Video and Disruption Report.docx Page 1 of 6 Video and Disruption Relation Assignment Overview For this tribute undertaking, you allure produce a two-minute video and written design environing the contact of a point technology on an toil or opportunity. The intention of this assignment is for you to unfold your big-picture thinking, and to weigh various impacts of the ever-changing IT toil. Timelines and Expectations Percentage Value of Task: 20% Due: 4:00 PM Sunday, end of week 11 (See conduct style for dates) Minimum period foreseeation: 40 hours Learning Outcomes Assessed The subjoined conduct letters outcomes are assessed by completing this tribute: • A3. Apply profession notification software for axioms visualization and resolution intentions; • S2. Review a rove of notification order applications; • S3. Interpret and invent representations of profession axioms career and processes; • K2. State the uses of emerging technologies among key toil contexts; and • K6. Explain the concepts of software unfoldment among key industries. Assessment Details The Digital Revolution is not poor to the elapsed – we should foresee diversifys to abide for the foreseeable forthcoming. The aim of this tribute is for you to weigh how IT susceptibility diversify a point toil in the forthcoming, grounded on popular trends and upcoming technologies. For this assignment, you want to produce a inadequate video. There are sundry contrariant tools suited to help do this; Windows Movie Maker is suited in the labs. It is too delectable to act a single-take video using a brilliant plan or webcam. Your subject must be automatically generated, grounded on your tyro ID. Please use the Topic Generator couple in Moodle, and prefer merely one of the subjects suited. Topics are of the form: “The germinative contact of {Technology} on {Industry or Activity}”. Not all options are strictly technologies – some are applications of technology CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Tribute Undertaking – Video and Disruption Report.docx Page 2 of 6 Preliminaries Create an ePortfolio page which you allure use to refer your labor. Make believing you obey the page private – you do not want to set the appearance of your ePortfolio to common for this tribute undertaking. Access the Subject Generator through Moodle, and prefer one of the suited subjects. Part one – Research The highest tramp to creating your video and relation is to weigh twain the technology and the toil, to understand the germinative contacts. Write a inadequate style of the technology and the toil (150-300 vote each), and add twain to your ePortfolio page. You may use any appropriate sources, including websites, blogs, tweets, journal articles and textbooks. Enbelieving you allusion any sources appropriately