Use the following numbers to create a customer LTV chart. Determine the third year LTV

  Please support your analytic scheme on how you offer to tackle Q 5 to 9 in You should transcribe a bout half a page  5. Use the subjoined gum to compose a customer LTV chart. Designate the third year LTV Customers: 746,219; Retention rate  44%; Visits per year 1.2 Growing 20% per year; Average direct dimension $104.40 Growing 10% per year; Marginal costs: 55%; Database and Marketing Costs: 10% of wealth ; Discount rates 1, 1.1,   1.21 6. Introduce a birthday club into the similar ammunition as the prior interrogation (No.5) . Show 3rd year LTV. Use these gum. Customers: 746,219 Retention rate 64%  Visit per year 1.8 growing 20% per year; Average Direct Size $110.44 growing 10% per year; Marginal Costs 55%; Database and Marketing costs $10% of wealth; Birthday Club $0.95 per customer. Discount Rates: 1, 1.1, 1.21 7. What is the improvement effect from introducing the Birthday Club in the third year assuming 746,219 customers? 8.    Add e-mails and website to a retailer using the subjoined gum and designate 3rd year LTV. Customers: 746,219; Retention rate 64% flat; Store visits per year 2.1 up 5% per year; Website sales per year 1.9 up 5% per year; e-mail sales per year 1.2 up 5% per year ; Total sales 5.2; Average direct dimension $133.63 up 5% per year. Marginal costs 45% flat; Database and marketing 20% of wealth flat; Discount rates: 1. 1.1, 1.21 9.    In the aloft pattern, what are the increased third year improvements following adding the website and e-mails?