Unpleasant Symptoms

Identify a system that uses a concept of cause that sway be applied in examination and nursing exercise (clinical, command, or government). The meaning of this tractate is for you to portray and evaluate the system using the aftercited criteria.  This is a functional tractate in which appellations, unmeasured sentences, articles, redress language and punctuation, and redress quotation of fountains are required. The System is “Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms. By Lenz et all”. Introduction. Identify your concept of cause and little debate why you chose that concept (clear-up whether it was observed in clinical exercise, verified from pertinent literary-works, or some other infer.)  Identify the system (that utilizes your concept of cause) which achieve be portrayd and evaluated in this tractate. Give the reader a signification of what to forecast in this tractate.  The preface should be one very inadequate article, and there should not be a appellation for the preface.  Theory Description.  Provide a mean cognomen of the system using an peculiar fountain or as delay to the peculiar fountain as feasible.   Include a mean debateion of the origins of the system and the scope/level (grand, average place, exercise/situation biased) of the system.  Identify the important concepts of the system and debate how they are connected (propositions).  Pick two of the concepts, including your concept of cause, and recite the hypothetical definitions of these concepts.  (30 points) Application of System to Research. Find two published, peculiar fountains in which examinationers used the system as a framework to living their examination.  Briefly debate how those examinationers utilized the system to living their examination.  Apprehend in the debateion of each con-over the meaning of the con-over, how the examinationers used the system in their con-over, how the concept of cause was used in their con-over, and how the examinationers operationally defined the concept of cause. (20 points) Application of System to Practice.  Briefly debate how the system sway be used to living nursing exercise (clinical, command, or government).  Apprehend in the debateion the meaning of the exercise impression and how the concept of cause sway be operationally defined in exercise.  Provide an model of how you sway use the hypothetical and operational definitions of your concept of cause in your advenient exercise or examination.  Include a germinative exercise investigation inveterate on the propositions of your system. (20 points) Theory Evaluation.  Little debate whether/how the system appears to be accurate/valid (inveterate on experimental testing of the system as debateed over).  Discuss generalizability of the system.  Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the system.  Little debate whether/how the system is congruent delay exoteric nursing standards and exoteric nursing interventions or salve.  Clear-up whether/how the system is pertinent socially and cross-culturally.  Portray little how the system sway assist to the training of nursing.  (20 points) Style & Format.  The tractate achieve apprehend a denomination page (using certain format),  7-8  pages of passage, and a relation register.  It achieve be double-spaced, written in 12-point Times New Roman font, and possess 1-inch margins.  Functional and peaceable donation of ideas (precision, clarity, format, appellations, language, spelling, & punctuation) delay alienate quotation of fountains in passage and relation register is required.  Up to 0.5 points achieve be deducted for each cast of language, spelling, punctuation, or format fallacy. (10 points)