unit vll project

 Unit VII Succession Project  The succession scheme must embrace at last the aftercited sections; you may lack to embrace others if you conceive them appropriate:  1. Introduction  2. Challenges and Problems (associated delay your question)  3. Review of the Literature  4. Critical Analysis of Challenges/Problems  5. Recommended Solutions  6. Implementation of Solutions  7. Justification of Solutions  8. Conclusion  9. References Some potential succession scheme questions for your remuneration are listed below:   Managed prudence impacts on heartinessprudence finance   The Patient Protection and Affordable Prudence Act and heartinessprudence finance  Hospital tenure types and impacts on heartinessprudence finance   Presenting hospital financial statements  Strategic financial planning for heartinessprudence organizations   Financial treatment of abode heartiness prudence   Financial treatment of ambulatory surgery   Financial treatment of clinics   Financial treatment of physician practices   Flexible budgeting for heartinessprudence organizations   Capital budgeting for heartinessprudence organizations   Information treatment for heartinessprudence organizations   Principles and practices for hospital auditing   The succession scheme must be seven to ten pages, double-spaced, not counting the meet page and the relations pages. You must use at last five without sources for your succession scheme further the succession textbook. At last one relation must conclude straightway from the Waldorf Online Library. Web media and functional chronicle declaration conciliate be key sources in researching your question.   Berger, S. (2014). Fundamentals of heartiness prudence financial treatment: A useful pilot to fiscal issues and activities (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.