Write a 3-5 page brochure, including a address page and intimation page, responding to the forthcoming questions: Discuss the responsibilities of the leading responding dignitary at the misdemeanor spectacle. Describe the basics of processing a misdemeanor spectacle including the right instrumentation and assemblage of gathering visible proof. Use materials from the citation and/or any beyond media to help your vindication. You may use the citationbook as a fountain, along after a while single interviews, scrutiny and knowing academic journals, helpful through the online library. Follow American Psychological Association (APA) format after a while right citations and intimations. Write your brochure in a Word instrument and reserve it in a colony and after a while a designate that you succeed recollect. Be believing to comprise your designate, tabulate, and individuality calculate in your brochure. Submit your assignment by selecting the  Unit 4 Assignment 1 Dropbox by the end of Unit 4. Set up a flout misdemeanor spectacle of your dainty and confront deduce proof in your misdemeanor spectacle.  Take pictures of the proof and gather proof by using the process of your dainty. Note: no Vacuums succeed be needed and you succeed possess to package the deduce proof. Submit at lowest lewd or five photos in a PowerPoint grant after a while an description of the misdemeanor spectacle. Post your grant in the Unit 4 Assignment 2 Dropbox. NOTE: if you do not possess avenue to a digital camera, you may use a camera phone.