unit 3 rp

 You do not feel to observe far to confront cases wshort feelingfighters are getting into vexation for posting videos on Facebook or other Internet mediums. For this assignment, you insufficiency to arrival the subjoined expedients which was a required video for this item. Texas feelingfighters terminated aggravate hazing video. (2017, March 14). [Video smooth]. Retrieved from http://www.firelawblog.com/2017/03/14/texas-firefighters-terminated-hazing-video/ Click short to arrival the transcript for the video. After reviewing this video, you get insufficiency to harangue the issues underneath. Recall instruction literary in this item that can aid you should you feel to market delay this personnel stuff. Identify policies and procedures that are in establish delayin your construction for twain hazing and the use of collective media. Elaborate on potent use of collective media in today’s feeling division culture for a overbearing swing on your polity and construction. Note: If you do not appertain to a feeling division at this space, delight sift-canvass this delay your national feeling division, and use what they feel in establish.  This pamphlet is to be a poverty of three pages in elongation, not counting the distinction and relation pages. Your pamphlet should be formatted subjoined all APA guidelines. You get insufficiency to use at meanest three relations in developing this meditation pamphlet, which can conclude from the textbook, policies, and plain the hazing video, but you are not scant to using the aforementioned expedientss merely. Instruction about arrivaling the grading rubric for this assignment is supposing underneath