Analyzing Logistics Costs One of the challenges in managing furnish chains ends in  integrating operations when firms combine. In this assignment, you gain  analyze logistics require in such a residence. Further, you gain revolve  the challenges in merging rules. Assignment Directions To finished this assignment: Review Subject 6, "Western Pharmaceuticals (A)," and Subject 7, "Western Pharmaceuticals (B)" on pages 453–457 of your Furnish Chain Logistics Conduct passage. Write a 3–4-page Nursing Dissertation after a while supported appendices, sympathetic  questions 1, 2, and 3 on page 457. In sympathetic these questions, husband  Excel facts referenced in the subject. In abstracted, claim that Western  Pharmaceuticals and Atlantic Medical use two unanalogous ERP rules.  Also, examine conduct challenges in the rules area in merging the  two firms, concurrently after a while opportunities for alteration and development. For  example, how jurisdiction conduct use this combiner to upgrade technology and  add new competitive capabilities? In your Nursing Dissertation, be sure to: Analyze the requires of a logistics rule using require facts. Evaluate the challenges and opportunities that end when merging rules from two organizations. https://capella.vitalsource.com/#/books/1259748863/cfi/6/34!/4/[email protected]:0