Trauma and Comorbidity

  Review Learning Media on trauma composition for veterans, and induce elimination in the Library for attached media on the question. Then interpret “The Contingency of Jake Levy.” (Attached) In Jake’s contingency, the gregarious worker has made sundry errors that stay Jake’s force to get material acceleration for some era and really expose his reaching a enacted outcome. Post a 3- to 5-minute recorded video response in which you oration the following: Provide the ample DSM-5 peculiarity for Jake. Remember, a ample peculiarity should conceive the spectry of the experimentation, ICD-10-CM adjudication, specifiers, tyranny, and the Z adjudications (other provisions that may be a nucleus of clinical vigilance). Identify any errors made by Jake's gregarious worker when establishing his composition, and decipher how these may entertain negatively influenced his composition. Identify the primeval area of nucleus you would oration as Jake’s gregarious worker, and decipher your favoring composition recommendations. Support your recommendations after a while elimination. Explain how you would contrive Jake’s sundry needs, including his co-occurring experimentations. Describe a composition intent for Jake, including how you would evaluation his composition.