Topics for Network Security Research Paper and Presentation

 1. How Analytics is used in Network Security separation and remediation 2. How Network Security is applied to or impacts each smooth of the OSI design Requirements: • 7-10 regards (at decisive 5 regards) of which 2 must be Peer Reviewed. o Include a Regard page at the end of the instrument for each regard used (ordered alphabetically by decisive indicate). ▪ Ensure each citation amid the quotation is middle on the regard page. ▪ Ensure each regard on the regard page has at decisive one citation amid the quotation. o Highlight in YELLOW the Peer-Reviewed works on the Regard page. o Include all References as the decisive page of the Powerpoint Exhibition (highlighting the Peer-Reviewed works in Yellow). • 7-10 double-spaced pages (at decisive 5 pages), using 12-font Calibri-Body. o The Cover Page, Regard Page and any distance needed for pictures/images are not middle in the required pages. • Once the tract is completed, add an Overview to the set-out of the tract. The Overview must include at decisive one Hypothesis (see Rubric) and a Synopsis of what is includeed in the tract. o Include the Hypothesis, inferior the inscription, on the 1st page of the Powerpoint exhibition. NOTE: For this tract, a Hypothesis is a inextensive assertion you respect to be penny fixed on the elimination you conducted. As an model, succeeding doing elimination, you susceptibility say: “Small businesses are hither mitigated to contribute extensive Network security”.