The Glass Castle Socratic Seminar

The Glass Castle Socratic Seminar  Directions and Explanation  This Socratic seminar acquire be used your ultimate evaluation on The Glass Castle.   You acquire acquire impost paces on your notecards, and an evaluation pace for your community in the seminar fixed on the immovable rubrics. During the seminar, you acquire be expected to repartee a randomly selected mean interrogation and shape, sonorous, and foundation your rejoinder.  You acquire too be paced on adding on new and insightful instruction to your peers’ mean interrogation at smallest three times. The collocate acquire be secede into four clumps (clump A, clump B, clump C, and clump D). Fixed on your clump, you acquire be given a set of mean interrogations.  You acquire form one notecard for each assigned mean interrogation.  How to setup your notecards to repartee mean interrogations QUESTION at the top of the notecard ANSWER the interrogation after a while details from the text CITE at smallest one plead to backup your rejoinder and elucidate it CONNECTIONS Make text-to-text, text-to-self, or text-to-world connections CLOSURE